David Daughtrey (31 Jan 2011)

               Hi Fay
                 A week or so ago you posted a letter to Liegh with a web story adress about double sun's
               in the near future. You ask if anybody else may have any other idea or opinion about it
               happening. I experinced something quite frightening in 1996 one day concerning two
               sun's. I really didn't consider this a vision, because this was a real optical sighting, like a
               funnel cloud in the sky .Here's what happen, I'd went to town to take care of some business
               It was in the middle of a day, I had finished my business and headed home, I was about
               two miles out of town on a two lane road, when all of a sudden out of my front windshield
               the sun's ray's started to get blinding bright in my eyes, I looked out my back window it
               was the same, but it got really bad bright. all around my car. By now I had my hand over
               my eyes trying to stay on the road, I couldn't see five feet in front of my car. It was like
               I was looking into the sun everywhere I turned. Believe me it was scary, I could not see
               to drive any more and got off the road fast. Oh God what's happening, was racing thru
               my mind, Then the thought came strong in my mind He will destroy the Anti- Christ and
               false prophet  with the BRIGHTNESS OF HIS COMING. By now I was starting to panic
               standing outside my car with my hand's over my eyes. The next thought that was yelling
               in my mind was ,It's not time yet Lord, It's not time for you to come. Then after about
               five minutes I sensed  it was less brighter, and it begin to get less and less, I could begin
               to see further and further into the sky, then I begin to notice there was two bright spot's
               in the sky, the one on the left was still brighter than the one on the right. But it was shrinking
               fast. Then it started to look like the moon beside the sun. Then it dissolved completely. I got
               into my car and turned my radio on, thinking  surely many people seen this and reported it'
               Never heard a word, got home and asked my wife if she seen anything on tv Nope .
               I've carried this all these year's and now this coming  Exploding Star makes since. The
               scientist said it could happen by 2012 OR anytime there after.. They also said we would not
               see the light immediately after the explosion, it would take time for the light to travel the
               long distance. I may be wrong but if and when they can calculate the arrival of this bright
               light it could be the day of the battle of Armageddon when the Lord destroy's the Anti-Christ
               with the BRIGHTNESS OF HIS COMING, can you imagine all the armies blinded at that moment
               can't even see who is beside them. And the Anti -Christ being completely  blinded and then
               snatched up and tossed thru the air into the lake of fire. Glory to God, we'll see it brother and
               sister. Ok, I know this is just my opinion and your more than welcome to your's. Yes I am aware
               the scientist said it would last a few week's before disappearing. However the Lord wasn't going
               to keep me on the side of the road for two week's . Don't forget our great no it all scientist claim
               we're having global warming caused by us earthling's. Any way here's Fay's previous response
               letter to Liegh.
Fay (25 Jan 2011)
"Leigh re 2nd Sun"

Hi Leigh,
This must be the article you're referring to. I cannot begin to think what it means. Anyone else?