Bob Ware (31 Jan 2011)
"I did not want this dream to end..."


Recently I have had a wide variety of dreams ranging from nightmares with horrible demonic creatures to pleasant pastoral settings the day after a wedding. Saturday I awoke from a dream that I did not want to end. I was part of a privileged group of students that was permitted to tour a very special museum. I saw this museum as a kind of knowledge library. It was so large that I was told it would be impossible to see it all in day. Actually, it went on forever. I felt as if  I was just a guest of the group that was allowed to make the tour. Only three of the larger group and myself were allowed to enter on a trial basis to be sure we could be trusted to view the artifacts without a guide. These students were older than me, but they acted like buffoons as soon as the entrance door was closed behind us. I asked that they be careful not to damage anything, but they ignored me and proceeded to do so. I went on without them because I wanted to see what was there and not be thrown out with them.


I remember that two of the artifacts were large circular wooden cabinets made of highly polished Mahogany and shaped like flying saucers. They were about seven to eight feet in diameter. They were made to hold type for printing. I saw a sample of the type face on one of the cabinets. They were English letters with a script design, but unfortunately they didn't spell a word that I could recognize.


The next display I came to was a wheel within a wheel. The outer wheel acted like a lathe and by turning the inner wheel an intricate pattern was carved along the outer circumference of the inner wheel. I wanted to know how the mechanism operated and I proceeded to disassemble this artifact. A few small pieces crumbled off and I regretted that this process was not being photographed so as to have a record of its original state. I knew this trip was a learning experience and it was still the right thing to do in spite of the damage done.


As I continued along my journey through this endless maze of marble corridors, I was joined by another young man and a girl. We came upon an area reserved for eating, but there was no food available. The tables were all tiled and as everything else it was spotlessly clean. There was another small group of visitors sitting at another table. Since the room and the tables were ready but the food was not there, I think this meant that we are very close to the wedding super with the Lord. If the food was already on the tables it would have gotten cold before all the guest had arrived.


Immediately after my party of three left this room the young man discovered a balcony without any railings. The young man stepped out ahead of me and told me to come out further and look at the view. I proceeded cautiously. I don't remember ever climbing any stairs in this museum, but the balcony was three of four stories above ground level. We could see out over a medieval setting. It looked more like a painting than reality. Guards dressed in medieval clothing approached us and guided us back into the building. We were told we were not supposed to have gone out through this doorway.


At this point I awoke. I wanted to return to my dream because there was so much more to see, but I chose to get out of bed and return to reality. Apparently this was the right decision since shortly there after a brother in the Lord came by for a visit.