Derrick Drew (27 Feb 2022)
"to Stacy Hannah, James B"

Thank you for letting us know about Pastor Riley’s passing.
Jesus took him home on Valentine’s Day - how fitting because the Lord was his true love!  I had written in last week to see how we might send donations for Pastor Riley’s care, but John did not publish I think because he saw your letters and already knew that the pastor had passed and so my letter was sort of unnecessary.    However I just had to bury my mom almost a year ago and know how much funeral costs are, so my offer still stands to help Pastor Riley’s family if they are in need.  If so, Stacy, please let all of us here at the doves know how we can help if there is a website or a place we can send a love offering to.  Pastor Riley will be greatly missed here on the doves and I am proud that he continued his ministry through many hardships right until the end.  May the Lord bless me to be as faithful and hardworking right up til the end.  I rejoice for my brother, now in glory, receiving his reward, and I charge all doves to take up the torch that our brother recently had to lay down and keep up the watch and keep fighting the good fight!
Your brother in Messiah Yeshua
Derrick Drew