1 Cor 10:31 (27 Feb 2022)

By 1 Cor 10:31



Our Toby!


Hi Dog Lovers….. you love your dogs, too!!  You understand!!  We all know that death is a cycle of life – and that’s how it will always be as long as we remain on earth – up until The Creator Himself DEFEATS death for all time!!


No, our best buddy has not crossed over yet, though we are definitely on the last mile…. Perhaps down to his very last few days.    I’ve pre-grieved about this for 2 years!!  Now he’s old…. FRAIL….many serious health woes.  Seems we’re almost there.


Definitely we covet your prayers for the Lord to calm us, soothe us, give us HIS PEACE as we go through this valley! 


Though not “super” old in dog years – just a good medium age in my opinion (almost 13)  yet he’s endured so many ailments and health woes in his life –it “ain’t” even funny!  Now he’s got auto-immune….. thanks to all those nasty chemicals…. Shots which man says he “must” have….. and auto immune creates/causes yet so many other harsh illnesses.


I know the Great Physician CAN heal this latest serious woe – if only He will & so chooses to!!  Toby has some bumps and lumps & bleeding spots.  This one is in a bad place!  (rear end, under tail). Vet claims he must have surgery.  Toby is way too frail to make it through surgery!!  So it’s my heart’s hope & desire to keep him patched up, stop the blood leakage, and “plug up that hole” so maybe he can be with us for a while longer.  It’s all Lord willing.  But I SURE hope the Lord IS willing!


It is one of the biggest prayers in my life that Toby gets raptured WITH US!!!   Though admittedly I do not know the Lord’s plans regarding animals in the rapture.   But if not, my secondary hope is that He will “take” Toby just prior to the rapture – so he will not be left here to be horribly abused by evil men.  (remember:  Restrainer GONE by then!)


And for those of you who would strongly advise that people should not get “so attached” to pets….. first off, then why are you reading THIS post?  And second of all…..  SCRIPTURE which is God breathed, says the Lord saves both man AND BEAST!!!!!    [Psalms 36:6]


And Revelation 5 presents a clear picture of ANIMALS praising the Lord!!!!   If you do not like animals, do you think you’re going to enjoy heaven?  Animals are very much going to be a part of heaven!!   + FOUR LIVING CREATURES!!!    Lion lays down with the lamb!!..... etc.


King David was ready to KILL to avenge the death of the lamb [2 Samuel 12]   which sat at the dinner table with its family, ate with its master’s bowl & spoon even!!!!


The Lord Himself KNOWS when even as much as a sparrow falls!!!!!


So do NOT suggest for one moment that we were not intended to love our animals or get attached to them!!  The trials & abuse I’ve been through in my life – there are many times I couldn’t have even gotten through it had it not been for the loyal unconditional love of my animals!!  It was not humans who offered comfort; it was dogs… who loyally loved me unconditionally, who brought joy and laughter and needed support.



~~  A righteous man regards the life of his beast!!   Proverb 12:10


Thank you for praying for our Toby – and for us!!   When he leaves us, and once I finally get past a 55 barrel drum of tears – it’s going to be so odd to go on without him….. we’ve always been a three-some!!  And each of us loves it that way!!!  Seriously though Toby loves the company of other dogs, when it comes right down to it, he’s most comfortable being with “his humans”!!  He’s shown this over & over again from when he used to go to dog park.


As much as my heart is “shaped like” a dog, I don’t want another one, not this close to the rapture, then have that worry of “what will happen when?...”


I don’t see why the Lord would not allow me to finally tell you this.  Though if He directs otherwise, I’ll scrub it off here before sending to Tng.  I used to think the ones who spoke of angelic visitations were “a little out there” you know?!  I mean…. I’m conservative, far, far, far more than most in the world.  Of course I BELIEVE in angels only as the Bible says.  But I also know we must be super careful in these tail-end hours/moments of these deceptive last days.  Though we may truly entertain angels unawares – we must remember that every third one may be an EVIL angel.  (fallen…. Working for the other side!!)


I like the line from the Clarence character on “It’s a Wonderful Life” says, “People believe in angels, don’t they?  Then why should they be surprised when they see one?”



Anyway, so last January 25, 2021 – right before 5 in the morning, there was an ANGEL standing IN MY LIVING ROOM!!!!   I was sleeping on the couch (DH Snores & runs me off…)  and I started coming to and said to myself, “What is my husband doing in here this time of morning?  HUGGING TOBY!”  See?? !!!!  That’s exactly what this angel was doing!!  He was in young male human form, clothes & everything – with a DEFINITELY WHITE GLOW around the middle of him.  I wasn’t afraid or dismayed.  Simply said to myself, “Oh, that’s an angel!” 


Yes, he was bent over, HUGGING TOBY like he was going to scoop him up.  The angel sensed I was waking up and with that, let go of his hug and moved away.  I was coming to, yet falling back in and out of sleep, so I didn’t see him actually make his way back to our front door.


A second or so later, I woke up again and the angel merely stood there near the front door (also windows & a wall) , looking first at me, then at my husband’s room, then back at me.  I studied him, his features, clothes, hair color (which was gorgeous!), his approx. (human) age.   Then I did fall back asleep – and the angel vanished, leaving the same way he came – either through the wall or window or walking right through the door.  There is NO WAY a person could get through that front door!!  It is literally BARRED with a super heavy STEEL BEAM across it!! 


At first, I told no more than 2 people – the very ones who I knew would believe me.  One lady absolutely assured me it was an angel from heaven – b/c Toby did not get agitated, perhaps didn’t even feel the angelic arms wrapped around him, didn’t wake up …much less bark……. So I held that in my heart for most of the year.  Then I told someone else – and she suggested the angel MAY HAVE BEEN a fallen angel – b/c they like to mimic and pretend to be an angel of light.  And she suggested this because the angel seemed a bit “agitated” that he’d been caught!   So then I was left wondering about that.  It was true – the angel seemed  surprised when I woke up – like I was NOT SUPPOSED to know he was here!!!  And otherwise…. What would he have done to Toby??  


At this point, I honestly cannot tell you which the angel was, good or bad.  Because demons and demon possessed people like pets, too!!  I know for a fact, as I’ve had to deal with a  LOT of demon possessed people and even real life demons posing as humans these past 2 years.  [I am a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL… whether you believe in such a thing or not!!  Trust me, it’s very, VERY REAL!!  I’ve only been able to keep my sanity and my emotions in check THANKS to a few Christians who care enough about me to pray on my behalf.]  And “far-fetched” as that sounds, yes with all my heart, I believe some fallen angels ARE ALREADY HERE and walking around among us, posing as people.  Many work as professionals, some work as store clerks, many in education (parents, TAKE NOTE!!!  Can’t tell you what to do, but if it were me, I’d move heaven and h*** to get my kid/s OUT of public schools!!)   Some work in the pet care industry… and love to touch & pet our pets.  MANY are in the media!  Certainly in governments.  I expect some are also in the police force and others work as nurses and doctors in the medical profession.  Some may be soccer coaches – coaching YOUR child or grandchild!


Look, you don’t have to believe me now, it’s enough for me to know & believe this myself.  I’ve had occasion to be in certain places and SEE scrunched up CONTORTED FACES (definitely demonic!!!)  staring at me in PURE hatred & anger!!  I’ve also had occasion to be shopping and pass one by—to have absolutely EVIL GLOWING EYES staring directly at me!!!  There was no mistaking it.


They hate me, they absolutely hate me because I’m on my way where they got kicked out of!!  Never to return.  They’re smart enough to know their own fate.  Listen, they hate you, too!!!  Anyone who’s heaven bound.  Who is busy always abounding in the work of the Lord & trying to win souls right here at the finish line.  The ones who are encouraging others to keep going and the ones who are holding onto Jesus no matter what life hands them.  STEAL KILL DESTROY is their leader’s mission & motto.  They have that same goal.  Since hell was created “for them” but most humans will go there, too – they are most anxious to take as many people as possible.


Be careful!  Not everyone who “comes off acting nice & pleasant” is a “nice person”.  Again I’ve seen this with my own eyes!!  The very one who may refer to your child as “Honey” or “Sweetheart” MAY be a demon disguised as a human.  I’m not saying to be mean or rude, we can still be cordial & be on our way.  Never assume too much & hand your child over to someone you “just have a funny feeling about”!!


If that sounds a little too far out there – well I would’ve thought so too at one time.  But definitely demons have landed in Tulsa.  And I bet dollars to donuts they’re in your area, too!!


I’d love to have a sit down to coffee chat in real life with both Charlie from D.C.  who posts (not often enough!)  on Rev12 daily blog….. and with Boulder who posts only now & then at the RITAN board – as both these guys have recently stated the same exact beliefs…. That there are demons here NOW already among us.   Which also means…. We’re going HOME soon!!!!!  So they (demons) can do the bidding of satan their leader while they tear this earth apart from one end to the other.  And of course lots of demon-possessed global leaders will help!


Back to my experience January of last year:    I did find it interesting that considering angels are ministering spirits, and yet the angel in my living room that morning didn’t say a word to me.  Just waited to make sure I fell back asleep.  ~~OR~~ it’s highly possible that was TOBY’S ANGEL, coming to “take him” that night but since he (the angel) “got caught” he left our dog here with us – so we’ve got to enjoy our Toby for another year+!   All possibilities.


Though I like concrete answers, I must just trust the Lord on this one!!  Get that?  MUST—JUST – TRUST!!!!! Either the Lord protected us that night from an EVIL angel.   ~~ OR ~~  if he was an angel of the Lord, during some million years into the future, I will be meeting him again.  I must be content either way and simply trust the Lord.  After all, it’s the LORD we are to bow down to – not angels!


Listen, THANK YOU for praying for our sweet Toby and for us!!  Again I’d love to carry him in my arms as we get called up soon to the cloud to meet Jesus.  But if Toby must leave us before then, please ask the Lord for it to be a calm PEACEFUL passing (not tragic like our last dog) and to comfort our hearts AS ONLY HE CAN!!!!  And if the Lord would like to give us the desires of our hearts, it would be to heal Toby for a bit longer. 


Thank you!!  I will look forward to meeting your beloved pets, too!  (and for that matter, all the animals, esp. dogs & cats (dog person here) that were abused and tortured…. not blessed enough to be loved here on earth.)


Not sure whether this pic will copy of our Toby some 7 or 8 years ago when he was vibrant & healthy!

Dog lovers, THANK YOU for understanding a tearful, heavy heart!!!  Though so hard to say goodbye, I feel with great assurance we WILL see our beloved pets in heaven!!  God is a GOOD God!!  Every good & perfect gift comes from above!  He is the One who gave breath to all living things!

THANK YOU LORD for having greatly blessed us with Toby!!!!  We love You most of ALL, Lord!!  YOU ARE THE CREATOR!!!  Who blesses us with good things!