Neil Lipken (2 Feb 2020)
"BREAKING NEWS: As peace plan rolls out, Netanyahu says he will annex Jordan Valley, settlements * Annexation process set to start at Sunday cabinet meeting"

Remember, everyone, that from Daniel 9:27 King James Bible we know that the antichrist just CONFIRMS the "covenant".   That means the "covenant" is already in place BEFORE the antichrist arrives on the global scene, and the antichrist cannot arrive on the global scene until AFTER the Rapture occurs.   Most of the world (except astute Christian and Jewish believers) will hail this as a "great breakthrough for peace", but in reality it is simply telling us that the Rapture draws near and with it the arrival of the antichrist after the Rapture.   The Daniel 9:27 covenant will begin the 7 year Tribulation Period, the worst time in all of human history!   This time period will conclude with the Second Coming of Israel's true Messiah, who is Christ!   I have a ton of Scripture that I would like to place here, but my time this evening is very limited.   How important right now to churches and Christians is end time Bible prophecy?   Astonishingly important, yet the vast majority of churches today are totally silent on this topic!   Why?   Because the "coming of the Son of Man will be JUST LIKE the days of Noah" (Matt. 24:37-39).   NO ONE paid heed to Noah's message except 7 family members!   Very similar situation today!   Go read those three verses of Scripture!!!   It is a true credit to any pastor today who will pay heed to the end time message, but very, very, very few will do that!   The hour is very late in these End Times, as nearly 72 years have passed since the establishment of the State of Israel in May of 1948.   The Bible is very clear that the generation to see Israel's return will see all end time events fulfilled!    Let me give a scriptural warning to all of us Bible teachers and pastors-------  James 3:1  !!!!


P.S.   To my Jewish friends------ here are the Old Testament Scripture verses that tell us Who our Messiah is.   These verses were written between around 1000 BC to 700 BC.   Micah 5:2, Psalm 22:14-18, and all of Isaiah 53.   God's Word is true!   Humans lie, but God does not lie!   And by the way, I am still Jewish!   I have simply accepted our Jewish Messiah as my Lord and Savior!   There is a huge amount of Scripture in both the Old and New Testaments about Jewish unbelief, but I do not have time here to go into all of it.   Extremely briefly though, the gospel is "to the Jew FIRST and also to the Greek (gentile)" (Romans 1:16), and salvation (from a literal physical Hell and instead attaining eternal life) is from the Jews (John 4:22).   What does that mean?  Everyone who wrote the Bible (both Old and New Testaments) was Jewish with the exception of Luke.   And Jesus came into the world Jewish through the lineage of King David!   And so again, I am still Jewish and very much so!   I love Israel, I love our Jewish people, and I love seeing our flag, the very beautiful blue and white Star of David, flying!

P.P.S.   Now will the Palestinians accept this "peace" plan?   Absolutely not!   BUT.......... after the Rapture happens and the antichrist shows up on the world stage, he will most definitely bring the Palestinians into the "peace" agreement using satanic power!