Fay (2 Feb 2020)
"Who are the Edomites?"

I found this excellent article by the late Chuck Missler when I googled the question, "Who are the Edomites?" It's about a 3 minute read. Chuck Missler was a great Bible teacher and Bible historian.

It pays us to armour ourselves with knowledge. To know the full and true history of events so that we don't get sucked into conspiracy theories - bandied about by people who bend the truth to satisfy their Jew hatred. Searching for "proof" to justify their Jew hatred. It's sick and evil. And for all this to rear it's ugly head during Holocaust Memorial, is very telling. The worms are crawling out of the woodwork.

This article gives great insight into the question of just who the people of "the synagogue of Satan" are.

Part 2 of a Series: Who Are the Edomites? - Chuck Missler