Fay (2 Feb 2020)
"Lest we Forget"

Today, January 27th, 2020, in Auschwitz. 75 years ago today. This article holds some very poignant photographs of today's ceremony.

We must beware, Doves. Antisemitism has raised it's ugly head again. It seeps into every crack and fold it can find. It is an inherent evil. And like all evil - it often arrives as a wolf in sheep's clothing. It uses tried and true methods.. the."Rich Jews ruling the world" method is making the rounds again. This sneaking, slithering Jew bashing from (astonishingly !!) professing Christians, is insidious.

I have linked Romans's 11 as it deals specifically with why Israel has been blinded in part. Please take specific note of verses 25 - 32. All Israel will eventually be saved.

If we are still here and this Antisemitic stuff continues, I ask for support from other Doves to combat this and drive it out. I felt rather alone the last time I was forced to confront this stuff on Doves. A woman named Gerlinda brought up all this same stuff a few years ago. Exactly the same tired old conspiracy theories.

I will reiterate the solid fact that Tru News is an evil Antisemitic, money making YT channel. I am appalled that people use it as a reliable news source.

Maranatha, LORD Jesus.

75 years to day after they were freed 200 Auschwitz survivors return

Bible Gateway passage: Romans 11 - New International Version