Fay (2 Feb 2020)
"News on Anti Semitism"

After reading a roasting attack upon my person last week...LOL, I decided to do some research. Because this attack wasn't just aimed at me. Oh no! It was aimed at the Jewish people. The Nation of Israel. And it was staunchly supportive, protective and in favour of the vile anti Semitic you tube channel: Tru News. It was this part that made me feel rather ill.

John B doesn't like me because I trashed his flat earth nonsense. You can't beat an eye witness!! I then asked myself if there is a connection between flat earther's and anti Semitism. 

I believe you will enjoy the following links. I could have posted a lot more but don't wish to labour the point. As the one author points out - not ALL flat earther's are anti Semites. Sadly, it seems that a lot are.

The Modern Flat-Earth Movement and Anti-Semitism