Elliot Hong (2 Feb 2020)
"The Miraculous Game of Tim Tebow and The Death of Soleimani"

Dear Doves:

To me, the miraculous game of Tim Tebow on 1/8/12 was the definite sign.
He won the game in 11 seconds of Sudden Death by throwing 80 yards to 88.
11 means Judgment.
8 means New Birth and New Beginning.
And Sudden Death could be compared to Sudden Destruction of 1 Thessalonians 5:3.
By the excluding count, it's 8 years and 24(8+8+8)days from 1/8/12 to this Super Bowl on 2/2/20.

Byron Searle received the message on 12/3/19, and there was an interesting passage in it.
"2020 will start with a bang and end with a boom!"
Then according to the message he received on 1/20/20, it said "The Bang has happened-The Boom will come!"
Thus the Bang should be the attack to kill Soleimani who was a type of Haman.
And I felt that it was a set up by NWO to carry out a false flag operation later.
It's 30 days from the death of Soleimani on 1/3 to this Super Bowl on 2/2.
And 30 days fit to thirty days that Esther was not called to go to the king.
When Mordecai persuaded Esther to save the Jews, she replied as below:
"I will fast for three days, I will go to the king. And if I perish, I perish."
If the Boom occurs in 30 days from the Bang, three days for fasting are February 2,3,4 which fit to $2.34.
And 2/4 happens to be the third day, the wedding day at Cana.

The 54th Super Bowl is held after 5 days from the Day that Trump revealed the Peace Plan.
5 means Grace.
Could it mean that the Age of Grace is over on 2/2?
If "The Fiery Kick Off Event" occurs on 2/2, the life as we know is over, and 2020 will end with a Boom.
5+4 is 9 and 9 represents the Human Gestation and the Fruits of the Holy Spirit.