Chance (23 Feb 2020)
"Global Pandemic Is Upon Us!"


Hello John and Doves,

First - what is our military finding out about this coronavius spread?  Nothing good!

Looks like our military is stepping in to find out what is going on in China, especially with the Chinese Communist Party leadership.  I suspect they know a lot already.

Our government must realize that the situation has so deteriorated in China that we are concerned about the CCP even being capable of maintaining its basic functions.  'Basic functions' would collapse during a nuclear war or a natural disaster on a huge scale.

Referring to this article by Yahoo News, we learn, in numerous quotes below: With information from China scarce, U.S. spies enlisted to track coronavirus - AOL News

"In China, this might involve senior leaders leaving the country or seeking safety in shelters, "like U.S. doomsday bunkers," said the source.  The intel community, said the source, is seeing some signs Chinese officials are making those kinds of contingency plans, indicating the potential level of concern within Beijing."

"As Chinese officials face allegations of locking down information about the spread of the coronavirus, U.S. intelligence agencies have been helping in governmentwide efforts to gather information about the disease's global spread."

"The intelligence community's involvement comes amid international frustrations with China's reticence to accept international assistance.  The World Health Organization, including American experts, was finally allowed to visit China on Monday to do do field research on the disease but has been delayed and will not, as of now, be visiting the alleged location of the origin of the outbreak due to what Chinese officials described as a lack of time and resources to host international experts."

(The CDC's Dr. Nancy Messonnier repeated that China has NOT invited any American experts to help with this outbreak.  "The CDC stands ready to send staff to the affected areas in China to work on this investigation and as soon as we're given the invitation, we are happy to do that, but we haven't been invited yet.  ...The advance team is three WHO staff. They're staff are well known to us.  They have a lot of experience.  They are being articulated as an advance team, and I heard a report from them this morning. They're getting access to data, and doing the things you would expect them to do..."
Transcript for CDC Telebriefing: CDC Update on Novel Coronavirus | CDC Online Newsroom | CDC

This Yahoo news article reports American experts were included with the WHO team.  What?  Could be a reporter error about Americans on the team- there were only 3 people on the team.  The third person is still a mystery.  The Global Times reported the WHO team would go to Wuhan today, Saturday, now this article says the Chinese will not allow this to happen.  (I'm guessing the third person is a biological weapons expert.)

The U.S. gave WHO a list of names of experts they would like on the WHO team to China.  WHO submitted the list of names to China.  Guess China didn't like any of the U.S. submitted names.

"The National Center for Medical Intelligence is based in Fort Detrick, Md, and tracks disease outbreaks and potential danger to the U.S. military, as well as preparedness of foreign leaders to respond to pandemics or other related attacks.  A military spokesman told Yahoo News the agency "is closely monitoring the coronavirus outbreak and the worldwide response to it."

"The Communist Party and the broader bureaucracy are concerned about reporting bad news to President Xi Jinping, and also the disease's potential impact on the global economy."

IF the CCP leadership is looking at 'contingency' plans for controlling China, this is really bad news.  This means the coronavirus situation over there is far worse than anyone suspected or imagined.  China could not contain this, even though they had a late start, their 'draconian' methods have failed.

The CDC has named 6 countries where the coronavirus is spreading quickly:  Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam.  Japan and the Republic of Korea (SK) are facing an epidemic.  Iran, Italy are feeling the pain also.  Italy has locked down several towns totaling 50,000 people. 

Costa Mesa, CA residents protested the transfer of coronavirus positive people to their area and a judge has now blocked this transfer with a 'temporary restraining order'!
Judge allows Costa Mesa to block transfer of coronavirus patients to the California city - CBS News

The federal government was going to transfer 30 to 50 coronavirus positive patients from Travis Air Force Base to the 'former Fairview Developmental Center in Costa Mesa.  Some are from the Diamond Princess cruise ship.  Costa Mesa wants more information on these patients and they want the Center checked out for safety - is this site "appropriate for quarantining people who have an infectious disease."

There are positive cases in Lebanon, Egypt, Israel, Cambodia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Belgium, Finland...there is no end to this spread.  And once this coronavirus hits a country, the spread is exponential.  And if the U.S. military is concerned that the CCP will collapse/loose control of their country because of this...the same thing will happen to governments around the world!  Total chaos will ensue.

"Amid an alarming surge in cases with no clear link to China, infectious disease experts say they believe the flu-like illness may soon be a pandemic and impossible to contain.  South Korea and Japan both reported a sharp spike in cases Saturday (February 22), with the number of cases in South Korea doubling in a day....Nine South Korean tourists who recently toured Israel...tested positive for coronavirus Saturday.  Israel and Palestinian authorities are urging anyone who may have come in contact with them to report and self-isolate....Scientists in China said they isolated coronavirus strains in urine...."  (Yet another way to transmit the disease now!!!)
Coronavirus updates: New developments suggest coronavirus incubation could be longer than 14 days, as global infections rise - The Washington Post

The world is seeing what's called 'super spreaders' now - they are coronavirus positive people that are highly infectious - easily infecting numerous other people.  And patients who have been reported as 'cured' are falling ill again and retesting positive.  If appears that this 'second' infection is far more deadly than the first infection.  These people probably never really 'recovered' from the infection because numerous studies are showing 'recovered/cured' people STILL have the virus!

Folks, it's almost impossible to keep up with the news of the spread now.  Where it's located, and numbers are rising exponentially. This is out of control.  It is a pandemic.  The virus appears to have mutated in its spread around the world.  And it will continue to mutate. This will make producing a vaccine near impossible.

The CDC is about to declare the spread of the coronavirus in the U.S. 'out of control', and a global pandemic.  Hospitals have been told to prepare.  As in China, hospitals will be overrun and will run out of supplies.  Most U.S. medicines (98% of antibiotics) come, rather CAME, from China.  We will run out of medicines. 

"...the CDC has been working with the health-care sector to prepare for the virus to "take a foothold in the U.S.,"  Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the CDC's National Center for Immunization and Respirator Diseases, told reporters Feb. 12.  "At some point, we are likely to see community spread in the U.S..."  "U.S. hospitals from San Diego to New York are taking heed...the seasonal flu, is at its peak in the United States, with more than 26 million cases and many hospitals stretched thin.  A larger spread of a new virus across the U.S. could overwhelm emergency rooms and quickly cause supply shortages of some crucial medical supplies, according to half a dozen interviews with doctors, U.S. hospitals and health staff...are consolidating medical supplies such as masks, gloves and gowns and have ordered backup reserves in case of a widespread outbreak in the United States,....Health-care workers are being taught how to reuse N95 respirator masks, in case of wide-spread shortages...."
US hospitals brace for coronavirus outbreak to become global pandemic

As I've written before, the CDC is NOT looking for 'Community Spreading" in the U.S. - they are only testing people from China and those exposed to positive patients.  And the CDC has not reported any more positive Americans in the U.S. for a week!  I believe the CDC knows community spreading is already happening across the U.S.  And I believe the CDC is NOT reporting all of the positive cases.  Not telling people is not allowing people the opportunity to protect themselves.

Which cities outside of China will become the new 'Wuhans'?

It's all been a lot too little and a lot too late.

How will the CCP deal with this disaster - as they loose control of hundreds of millions of people?  They have a huge military.  And they have nukes.  Will they simply collapse or will they take down other governments with them?  I'm sure our military is looking at every possible scenario. We've all wondered why America isn't in the Gog War to help Israel..are we nuked by China?  Will the pandemic cripple us beyond any ability to help?

This virus is now spreading almost invisibly throughout the United States and the world.

At this point, I just can't see this not being a pestilence of the End Times!

G-d help us all.

Our John Tng is in Singapore, I believe - extra prayers for you and yours, John!! 

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!