Chance (23 Feb 2020)
"The WHO Team in China"

Hello John and Doves,

In my letter "Coronavirus Updates and Alerts" I wrote about WHO (World Health Organizaiton) sending a team to China - reported by the Global Times - the Times reported that "WHO is leading a team of experts to Wuhan on Saturday, 2/22/2020."  Wuhan is THE epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak.  On February 11, this team of experts arrived in China to 'assist with controlling the epidemic'.  They visited other cities in China first.  WHO released the names of two members of the three person team.  (We still don't know the name of the third team member.)

I am finding nothing about the third member of this team.  In fact, some articles mention a 'WHO experts team, led by Aylward' biy no mention of the number of team members.  Hmmm.

WHO's mission is "to promote health, keep the world safe, and serve the vulnerable, with measurable impact for people at country level."  "Trusted to serve public health at all times:  We put people's health interests first.  Our actions and recommendations are independent.  Our decisions are fair, transparent and timely." Our values

I think it's important to know who WHO is. WHO is a specialized agency of the United Nations and acts as a coordinating authority on international health issues - like the coronavirus of COVID-19.

WHO has praised China for how they have handled this COVID-19 crisis.  When in fact, China has been covering up, censoring their people, censoring the news, silencing social media, arresting 'those speaking the truth and getting the word out to the world as to what is REALLY going on in China'.  WHO is enabling the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to do what they want.  China's people are becoming more and more outraged as to what the CCP has done and is doing.  Censorship of the news, not letting neighboring countries know what is going on, not inviting in other countries to help, not sharing info on this virus, not reporting correct numbers of infected or the dead - all have added to the already shocking reality of the crisis unfolding in China and around the world. 

The CCP should not be praised for their handling of this crisis, they should be, at the least, called to task for their lack of transparency- not telling the truth about this virus, they are complicit in it's spread to other countries - not telling other countries exactly what they are dealing with and how bad this really is!

The Global Times is a Chinese Communist mouthpiece...doing the bidding of 'the powers that be' in China - reporting the 'official' numbers of infected, recovered, and dead.  While the unofficial numbers are nowhere near those reported numbers - having, probably, skyrocketed off the charts!

WHO's director general is Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus - he's been dancing around this 'issue' since day one!  Praising President Xi in his country's response to the COVID-19 crisis!

What a joke WHO is!  Tedros said "We appreciate the seriousness with which China is taking this outbreak, especially the commitment from top leadership, and the transparency they have demonstrated."  He praised China for "making us safer."

Of course the Chinese state media has widely reported on the WHO's comments!  While the Chinese people are getting more and more angry and frustrated. The people know the CCP has downplayed and controlled the news about this virus.

WHO is now being criticized for waiting too long in declaring this COVID-19 outbreak a 'global health emergency.'  WHO has been complicit in helping China do damage control on this crisis.  Which has resulted in a far worse global health emergency!

And the CCP is pushing their people to go back to work!  This virus is far from contained in Chinese cities - actually, there is no more chance of 'containing' it in China.  China did not act swiftly or openly when this first broke out.  Forcing the work force back to work is only exposing more people to this virus.  As China's GDP plummets, the CCP is forcing the work force back to work!  Before the WHO 'experts' have even written their report!

President Xi said that the economic impact of the coronavirus will be 'short lived'!  Promising help to get companies back into production.

So at what price to the population?

"The WHO's praise of China's response have led critics to question the relationship between the two entities.  The UN agency relied on funding and the cooperation of members to function, giving wealthy member states like China considerable influence."...Thomas Abraham, an associate professor at Hong Kong University Journalism and Media Studies Center and former WHO consultant, sums is up well:  "The WHO, and China too, is in a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation."
World Health Organization under scrutiny as it walks China tightrope over coronavirus

WHO can not do the job they were intended to as they are too tightly controlled by China.

Terrible state of affairs!  And organization that is suppose to put the people first is playing politics with lives!

Now let me take on the CDC - their coronavirus 'test' kits don't work!  What?  What a debacle!  Oh, that really fosters trust in the CDC!  The tests are giving "Inconclusive" results, discovered when they sent these kits to every state and the states started using them - and they were in the process of sending these kits to some 30 countries (200 labs)  Only 3 states have working kits - California, Illinois and Nebraska.  This virus is not a joke.  The world does not have time to play around with bogus test kits!  CDC is sending out the correct 'ingredients' now.  In the meantime, the majority of the testing is being done at the CDC.  (Each test kit can test 700 to 800 specimens from patients.)
Only three US states can test for coronavirus, says public lab group

"What's frustrating about this snafu is states will have to keep relying on CDC for COVID-19 results, a process that might take up to several days.  The delay of diagnosis might contribute to the disease's spread as patients under investigation will remain unconfirmed as having the disease."
US Coronavirus Test Kits Are Flawed And 'Inconclusive', CDC Confirms

And the CDC will control the number reported positive!  Already there are numerous people in the health profession acting as whistleblowers - stating there are patients in their hospitals being treated for COVID-19 that have not been reported!  Isn't it interesting that the number of U.S. cases has not increased from 15? (reported February 15)  This number was reported before the cruise ship people showed up days ago.  (18 people from the cruise ship are now positive - these repatriated people are not included in the "Confirmed Cases in the United States".  Yet 'self-quarantine' is somewhere around 7,000 people in the U.S. now! Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the U.S. | CDC

Dr. Paul Cottrell is on the forefront of these whisteblowers trying to get to the truth:
Coronavirus Emergency Alert CDC hiding NYS cases by Dr Paul Cottrell - YouTube
Coronavirus call to Governor Cuomo by Dr Paul Cottrell - YouTube

I have a reliable source that states there are two more cases in an Illinois hospital that have not been reported by the CDC. 

And today, February 21, the CDC announced it's preparing for a pandemic.  "CDC prepares for possibility coronavirus becomes a pandemic and businesses, schools need to be closed"  "The CDC is working with state and local health departments to ready the public health workforce to respond to a possible pandemic."
CDC prepares for possible coronavirus pandemic and businesses, schools needing to close

That's a big 180 from telling the American public they have more to fear from the regular flu than the coronavirus!   With 15 people positive and the media down playing the coronavirus in the United do we go from that to 'pandemic with businesses and schools closing'?

Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the CDC's National Center for Immunization and Respirator Diseases, said "We're not seeing community spread here in the United States, yet, but it's very possible, even likely, that it may eventually happen."
CDC prepares for possible coronavirus pandemic and businesses, schools needing to close

Her comment is interesting  because the CDC is not looking for 'community spreading' - the CDC will only test people from China or those who have been exposed to someone who is positive!   It probably isn't much of a stretch to say there is community-spreading (like in South Korea) happening already!

How can people protect themselves if they don't know what's happening?  Are Americans being treated like the Chinese?  No transparency?

The world is watching WHO to see what the report will say about China, about Wuhan.  They need to be transparent and report the truth so other countries will know what they are up against. 

The WHO director said that President Xi said "that an international team would be able to help investigate the virus' origin and spread.  An "advance team" of three experts, led by Dr. Bruce Aylward, a WHO official and public health emergency expert from Canada, as well as WHO's Dr. Maria van Kerkhove, arrived in Beijing on Monday."  (February 10)  "...the full mission would include 10-15 experts, but has given no details of who they would be or when they would go to China."  The U.S. CDC has not been invited to send its own experts.
Experts fear China reluctant to accept WHO ground mission - Reuters

China has been dragging their feet in inviting other countries in to help with the response.  Does China have something to hide?  More and more epidemiologists and other experts are coming out and saying this virus has the MO of a man-made virus, possibly a bioweapon.  China certainly wouldn't want the world to know that!  Not after the world crisis this is causing - and this is growing exponentially around the world.  With no end in sight.

Our of curiosity I looked into the background of the WHO team members - the two that we know.

Dr. Aylward was looking pretty good until I came across his involvement with the WHO global eradication of polio initiative in connection to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation/CDC. (The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation co-hosted (with Johns Hopkins) a pandemic exercise that simulated a global coronavirus outbreak that started in South America - "Event 201"; this took place in the fall of 2019. In this simulation, 65 million people died in 18 months.)
Pandemic simulation exercise spotlights massive preparedness gap | Hub

Dr. Aylward is very experienced in infectious disease control and "He's very familiar with
the landscape in China and some of the sensitivities that he will need to navigate in order to be..successful there."  (Whatever that means!)  His career is marred by him working for WHO during the Ebola epidemic in 2014 and the "delay in declaring an international emergency."  (Seems WHO has a history of this.)  "But a quicker and more effective response to the epidemic from WHO would have resulted in far fewer deaths, said Dr. Irwin Relelner, director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia University in New York, at the time.  "I personally would have no confidence that the same team at WHO would be able to handle the next international outbreak,"  Redlener told the Associated Press.  (Sobering comment.)
Who's the Canadian leading WHO's coronavirus investigation in China?

Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove is the Head of WHO's emerging diseases unit. She is an experienced infectious disease epidemiologist with strong field experience in infectious disease outbreaks and epidemiologic investigations.  Her main research interests include zoonotic, respiratory and emerging/re-emerging viruses such as avian influenza, MERS-CoV, Ebola, Marburg and Zika.  The aim of Dr. Van Kerkhove's work is to support local authorities in the response of infectious disease outbreaks and rapidly translate scientific knowledge into public health policy and action. Dr. Van Kerkhove has a long history with WHO.
Maria Van Kerkhove | Research - Institut Pasteur

As for this team in China getting to the origin of the virus and determining the lethality, modes of transmission, what China is doing, etc...we shall see.

"Dr. Tedros said China was doing its best and the WHO team trusted their ability to deal with the situation."
WHO to determine if coronavirus is global emergency - Newspaper - DAWN.COM

We see where this has gotten the Chinese and the rest of the world.  Good grief!

As for the third team member - the mystery expert, we have no name.  I would like to know if this person is an expert in biological warfare.  The other two team members, from what I've researched, don't have experience in this.  An expert with this background would be very helpful in determining the origin of this virus.  It would be easy to  google the name and find their background.  WHO and China would not want this kind of information getting out.  The scientific world would start making all kinds of accusations!

Time is of the essence with this team and their results.  What they find will 'shape' the core team that follows them from WHO.  IF, China agrees to let them in.  What these teams find may help start the work on a vaccine, provide info on how to contain and treat, and maybe even tell us how to better protect ourselves from infection.

The world is waiting.

This will either be yet another pandemic the world will recover from or it will become a pestilence of Biblical proportions.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!