Chance (2 Feb 2020)
"Ominous News Out Of China"


Hello John and Doves,

I am somewhat familiar with the EPOCH Times...their article on China doesn't surprise me especially after finding out they shut down/quarantined cities with 60 million people!  An entire province in China!  And they have shut down their stock markets...

"Coronavirus: China shuts down stock market till Feb 3":  "The Chinese government is trying to delay panic selling until it can get the massive outbreak under control."
Coronavirus: China shuts down stock market till Feb 3

Will China open their markets on Monday, February 3?  Markets around the world are reacting to the spread of this virus!  Does this have the potential to crash other markets/other economies?  A world financial/economic collapse?

The U.S. gets a huge number of our products from China - so much is imported from China.  In 2018 the U.S. imported $560 billion in goods from China!  Electrical machinery and equipment, medicine, LED lights, disposable gloves, cordless drills, dog and cat food, leather handbags,sneakers, etc.
What does the US import from China and how much are the tariffs? An interactive guide Quartz

Here is a link to show what comes from China:
These are the products the US is most reliant on China for Quartz

The EPOCH Times is reporting : "Faced With Existential Threat to Their Rule, Chinese Leaders Decide to Save 11 Cities From Coronavirus Epidemic:  Insider"  January 30, 2020  "Top Chinese leaders at a Chinese Communist Party Politburo meeting last week expressed concern that the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak may put an end to their rule.  They have decided to focus on preserving 11 major cities from being devastated by the virus...The 11 cities on the CCP's priority list of being saved are Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Hangzhou, Xi'an, Shenyang, Harbin, and Urumqi.  The CCP is prepared to protect these 11 cities at all cost, even if it means sacrificing other cities..."

"Professor Leung is Dean of the University of Hong Kong's Medical School.  He is also a recognized medical doctor and public health authority.  Leung's report points out that without strong intervention measures in place, the number of infected people will double every 6.2 days, if the calculation is based on an even more conservative figure of 22,000 infected cases globally at present.

Leung estimates that in Wuhan, the number of newly infected patients will reach the maximum - about 200,000 per day - in April.  In several other cities, including Chongqing, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, the number will peak in May.  In the months that follow, the total number of infected people across the country will reach 18 million, with the total number of deaths ranging between 1 and 2 million.

Shiu (a senior political commentator and media professional in Hong Kong) criticized the CCP for it's cover-up and delay in taking measures to contain the virus, saying the main reason for this catastrophe is the blocking of information.  As a result, those who were infected with the disease were not quarantined in a timely manner.  Chinese authorities initially denied that the disease could be spread via human-to-human transmission. In addition, for several days, Chinese medical authorities reported very few cases in Wuhan and no new cases in other Chinese cities, giving the public a false impression that the novel coronavirus was not a threat to public health.

Shiu said he believes the epidemic, which is not getting out of control, will have "a deadly impact" on China's economy.  In his estimate, more that half of Chinese business activities will come to a half...."

The insider did not give specific reasons as to why the authorities chose those 11 cities, but they are the commercial and military hubs in the country.  It is well-known among mainland Chinese that the most developed metros and financial hubs are Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong; and the military technology centers are Xi'an, Shenyang, and Harbin.

Shiu predicted that Shenzhen, a city of about 20 million people that borders Hong Kong, will soon be completely isolated from other Chinese regions....Meanwhile, more than 15,000 hospital authority employees in Hong Kong have joined a new union, urging the Hong Kong government to close the border with mainland China.   According to the representative of the union, if they do not receive any response from local officials by Feb 3, members of the union will launch a large-scale strike."  (end snips)
Faced With Existential Threat to Their Rule, Chinese Leaders Decide to Save 11 Cities From Coronavirus Epidemic: Insider

So much for the hospital employees' request to close the border:

"Hong Kong leaders rejects calls to close border despite virus fears", January 31, 2020.  "Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam rejected calls from a medical union on Friday to close the border with mainland China to contain the spread of the new coronavirus, and urged health staff not to go through with a threatened strike.  The recently formed Hospital Authority Employees Alliance said earlier on Friday 6,500 of its members would go on strike if the frontier stayed open, a day after the World Health Organization declared the virus a global emergency.  The WHO recommended all countries try to prevent or reduce cross-border spread of disease, which originated in the central Chinese city of Wuhan.  But it said measures should avoid unnecessary interference with trade or travel....She announced a raft of new measures against the disease and said any industrial action by medical staff would only make the situation worse.  "At the end of the day those who suffer will be out Hong Kong citizens and the public health system," she said.  Authorities have announced 12 confirmed infections in Hong Kong but no deaths."  Hong Kong leader rejects calls to close border despite virus fears - Reuters

This is extremely ominous and sobering!  The news is more dire each passing day!

Pray for our John Tng and others that are close to this epicenter! 

Pray for the people of China!

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!