A Goodrick (2 Feb 2020)
"Donna Dana--It was about unbelievable miracles"

Dear Donna,
Your research abilities are remarkable.
Yet, actually the link was about how God can work extreme miracles under the most dire of circumstances.
" O God, in wrath remember mercy."
Habakkuk 3: 2

My hope and prayer is that people will not give up trusting in the unfathomable mercies of God, even during the Great Tribulation.

Lamentations 3:22 23...
The Lord's mercies are new every morning and they fail not. Great is Your faithfulness.

Thank you, Donna,  for being so thorough in persuing a link.

As regarding the season of the Rapture, the Barley Harvest would be most welcome.
I agree with you that it could possibly be in Spring---perhaps May.

I know better than to set specific dates, so I will only look toward the season of Ascension Thursday through Pentecost.

Why  Ascension Thursday?
That day most parallels
a Rapture, and it is on a Thursday.

It has been well established that Jesus died on Good Thursday, not on a Friday, since
---like Jonas---our Lord remained in the heart of the earth for 3 days and 3 nights.
Matthew 12:40


While Jesus was on the Cross on Good Thursday, the soldier pierced His side, and blood and water came forth symbolizing the birth of His Bride.

This begetting a wife from Jesus ' side reenacted what our Lord performed for Adam in order to obtain Eve, his wife.
Genesis 2: 21--23.

The blood of Jesus represents our Redemption, and the water represents the Living Water of the Holy Spirit for our Sanctification.

So, perhaps the Bride was birthed on a Thursday, and will ascend on a Thursday.
I'm hoping anyway.

Why possibly Pentecost? 
Because the Church at large sees that particular day 
---when the Holy Spirit descended in tongues of fire ---
as the beginning of the Church Age, and feels that it would conclude on that same feast day. 

At any rate, it is exciting for all of us to look for Him, for "our Redemption draws nigh"...perhaps at Barley Harvest, Ascension Thursday or perhaps Pentecost. Hopefully somewhere in that season.
Many blessings to you.