A Goodrick (2 Feb 2020)
"Lest We Forget"

Dear Doves,

Lest we forget that ....
All of our posts are viewed by the world at large, and they judge Christianity---not by the content of our facts----but by our attitude of one towards another.

If we are always "biting" at people, religions and races, they will judge Christianity as being divisive and non-loving. This will give them one more reason to discredit Jesus Christ, based on His followers.

"And they'll know we are Christians by our Agape love" (hymn)....by our objective Truth, minus the adrenaline.
What tone is being used?

"God inhabits the *Praises* of His people."
Psalm 22:3

Conversely, the devil inhabits the scathing criticisms of his own murmurers and detractors. Satan himself is the accuser of the brethren. Rev. 12:10.

The Jews are Jesus '
When they are at fault, the

WASPs  ( white anglo-saxon pontificators)

are the first to point a finger...not realizing that 3 fingers are pointing back at themselves.

I didn't realize that Jews were the only sinners in the world. I had thought that every tribe, tongue and nation were sinners too.

"[God] hath made of one blood all nations of men".
Acts 17:26

That means that all of us 
--- you and I--- have Jewish blood in us; going all the way back to Abraham, Noah, and our forefather Adam. All of us.

"ALL we like sheep have
gone astray, we have turned every one to his own way"
Meaning: we have all disobeyed God by being self-willed, and therefore we are all guilty of His crucifixion.
Isaiah 53:6

It wasn't Judas, nor the Jews, nor the Gentiles  through Pilate. It was you and I by our willfulness that nailed Jesus to the cross. We each had a part.
So much for self-righteousness.

Leo Tolstoy wrote:
"Let us see what peculiar kind of creature the Jew is, which all the rulers and all the nation s, together and separately,
abused and molested, oppressed and persecuted, trampled and butcherd, burned and hanged, and, in spite of all this, is yet alive.....

"The Jew is the emblem of eternity. He whom neither slaughter nor torture...could destroy."

"He whom neither fire nor sword, nor inquisition was able to wipe from off the face of the earth;"

"he who was first to produce the Oracles of God; 
he who has been for so long a time the guardian of prophecy; 
and who has transmitted it to the rest of the world---

"such a nation cannot be destroyed. The Jew is everlasting as eternity 

Romans 11:20-23
"Be not high minded, but fear"....

"take head lest He also spare not thee"...

"otherwise thou shalt also be cut off."

"So all Israel shall be saved." 
Romans 11:26

In Jesus,
A. Goodrick