TH (26 Feb 2017)


  We are ALL going to Heaven.  EVERY Man, Woman, and Child who EVER LIVED is
going to Heaven !  What ?  You can't be serious.  That's NOT Spiritually Correct, and
as a Proclaiming Christian you KNOW that isn't True.  Oh but it is.  No way Jose !
Yes it is, and I can Prove it.  Ok, I'll bite, how.  It IS in Scripture.  Do you agree that
GOD is going to JUDGE...ALL of Mankind ?  THAT is Scriptural isn't it ?  Yeah, ok.
That means EVERYONE who has ever lived, right ?  (there are a few exceptions)
Yeah, HE said that HE would "Judge the Living and the Dead" and we can assume
HE meant everyone.  Everybody !  Yup, we can agree on that. Where, is this going to
take place ?  In HEAVEN, right ?  Or do you think GOD is going to LEAVE HIS Throne
and do it some place else ?  No, no, HE isn't going to I guess HEAVEN is
where that will take place.  That means that everybody will HAVE to go to HEAVEN
then, right ?   Huh, I never thought of it like that.  So I guess that means everyone is
going to "see" HEAVEN and then and ONLY THEN will they REALIZE what GOD had
intended for those that accepted HIS SON as their SAVIOR,  got to KNOW HIM,
 > A N D <    O B E Y E D .. HIM.  ( JESUS ..Himself made a very STRONG Point of
that while HE was on Earth )  In other words....what kind of Friend are you if you don't
do as I ASK ?  You "know" ME as LORD, but how can I call you FRIEND when you
don't LISTEN to me.  When you don't, EVEN HEAR ME ?  There are LOVED ONES
be Separated from THEM...EVER !  There are many, many, people that KNOW ..OF
ME,  many more than MY SHEEP, sadly, but they only "talk" to ME when they are in
Trouble or Want something from ME.  ( we all know someone like that, even some
family members are like that, aren't they )  They don't realize how MUCH,  I LONG
to be FRIENDS with them, and HOW MUCH I LOVE them, and ACHE for them to seek
ME as a FRIEND.  That's why I Came to find and gather Brothers and Sisters
so WE could "hang out" at DAD'S and Spend Eternity ,LOVING EACH OTHER & DAD.
   MY DAD (and YOUR DAD) has had this Planned for US from the Beginning.
      I AM HEART-BROKEN about having to turn SO MANY away because they
      never got to KNOW ME, nor I THEM...They loved themselves and the World,
         their World, will disappear.....and, so will they.    MARANATHA !   T H