John B (26 Feb 2017)
"Poised and Ready?"

I ran across this article today (below) and had to pass it on to you guys. The article is about UFO sightings and how they are at an all time high but only in certain areas around the world. And if you look at the map in the article you will see that those high UFO traffic / sightings appear to me to be over Christian countries.
Should this glaring apparent statistic ring any alarm bells or be of any significant relevancy ? I believe so when you take into consideration what God has told us in Revelation 12.
Ah yes, Revelation 12 where many many Christians have been focused as of late. Having written much on that chapter recently the wording of those verses remain very fresh in my thoughts.
There in Revelation 12 many including myself find the rapture of the church in the “catching up” of the man child. And we also see there in verse 4 that the Dragon or Satan is poised and ready to devour this man child....”as it was born”. What does that mean? To me that means that as Jesus comes for His bride.... the church.... and we (the dead and alive in Christ) rise to meet Him in the clouds...... that Satan and His evil forces will be positioned to intercept us.
I believe the vast majority of Christians believe that Satan or Satan’s forces are behind or responsible for UFO’s. So it’s no stretch for me to believe that these UFO’s are being amassed and staged near, on or over Christian countries as per this article.  It appears these UFO’s will be poised and ready to intercept us when the great trumpet blows to take us home...... very possibly this June.
That’s the bad news, but the good news of verse 5 is that......”the child was caught up to God and His throne”..... which appears to be a successful departure and landing to me. Also in the same chapter we see a war between Satan’s forces and God’s forces break out in the heaven and Satan’s forces did not prevail. Now this is way to coincidental for me not to believe that this battle is not about “the catching up” and intercept of the church....... and it happens in the sky above.
So...Satan and his UFO forces are poised and ready to intercept Jesus’s church as they rise to meet Him in the clouds but also waiting are Michael the arc-angel and his forces to do battle with these evil forces. A tremendous battle ensues in the skies over mostly the Christian countries of the earth. When the dust settles so to speak Michael and his angels have provided safe passage for the ascending church of Christ. I don’t know about you guys but I am so looking forward to watching Satan and his UFO forces get their demonic evil butts royally kicked in the skies above.
Coming soon to an outdoor theater near you...........
Blessings......John B