Dewey (26 Feb 2017)
"The Gospel Of The Kingdom"


Hi Bro, its been a few years since I was active on Five Doves.  I would like to
post a question on your site :
Any comment on something I have heard on Sid Roth's TV Program " Its Supernatural " as to the church switching over to " The Gospel Of The Kingdom "  from " The Gospel Of Salvation "  ?  Sid and at least one program
guest spoke of this last year and again this month of Feb 2017.  Its told of in
a few places in the gospels,  " This Gospel Of The Kingdom " in Matthew and
Luke.   The man who spoke of this puts the Rapture at the time of the 7th / last
Trumpet in Revelation which I disagree with.  Any comments from the Doves ?


Thanks Bro