Chondra M (26 Feb 2017)
"RED ALERT: Censorship has started  5 doves"


Google has Begun Censorship Against True Media
It's hard to overstate the pure evil and tyranny Google has engaged in by wiping off the internet. Not only has the attack on the free press and REAL NEWS been taken to the next level with this move, but this assault on FREE SPEECH will undoubtedly COST LIVES. The valuable catalog of information about health and wellness which Natural News provided, some 140,000 pages of articles and research have been scrubbed. As Mike Adams has said, this equates to a modern day book burning.
Video Report from SGT here:
Google and You Tube (one in the same ownership) have also begun censorship of Alex Jones who has been attacked for years, called a conspiracy theorist-whack.
HOWEVER: wikileaks dumps in 2016-proved Jones had been correct all along exposing the evil and corruption in our government for decades!
The communist government is in full gear trying to take out Trump and REAL news media keeping the sheeple ignorant and compliant.  It's full blown war against us!
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