Jan J (28 Feb 2016)
"To Douglas, To Malia, and topics of Rapture & Love"


Haven't read the others yet, but part one is extremely interesting. I had been watching for answers about the incoming asteroid, and your comments on that are the best I've seen. Thank you.
No one knows better than you, what your relationship with the Lord is.
Do not be discouraged or depressed at what others may say or seem to
think. We all have different personalities and temperaments. What really matters is you and the Lord.  Of course, forgive anyone who "stepped on your toes."  Mine were almost stepped on, but instead landed on someone else <smile> regarding Kat Kerr, whom I like very much.  Doubters will keep on doubting but it does not increase Faith, nor prepare one for the Rapture. The Lord alone truly knows our hearts. Be comforted.
Regarding projection of times and seasons of Rapture:
Am combining previously posted dates of Firstfruit possibilities,
The Tipping Point mid-line,
4th watch of the blood moon tetrad
Etc. and find there are repeats, creating an interesting pattern from
various people posting.
The Lord has laid on my heart the IMPORTANCE of the quality and type of Love we have for Him as His gathering of the Bride draws near. Readiness is crucial and the best way to be ready is our Love for Him. This needs to be a top priority and yet no one comments to me about several LOVE postings I've done.  It's okay...obedience to the Lord is most important.
God's grace, blessing, and peace to each Dove.
Jan J