Gerry Almond (28 Feb 2016)
"Is now the time?"

February 28, 2016

I posted the Song of Solomon analysis as a stage play from heaven, having 8 acts and foretelling the church age in the Old Testament. I sent this to you all in March last year. Then I tied the rapture to the Spring Equinox. It did not come in 2015 as expected, but it could well come this year. The same message is worth repeating for this time right now, that is 2016. But I think a partial pole shift may have moved the beginning of Spring ahead as much as two to three weeks worldwide.

The Song of Songs is God's message to the Church in the Old Testament, many, many years before there ever was a church. It intends to do so, and shows definitively the foreknowledge of God Almighty. God's attribute of omniscience is herein demonstrated.

Jesus, in the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ said in chapter 3:1-6 that there would be a church that would have nothing untoward said about it “because thou hast little strength”. That church is called Philadelphia. There is a sister church, also described in chapter 3:14-22 that has very much wrong with it. It is spiritually poor, naked, blind, miserable, and wretched. It is the church in the world while Philadelphia is separated from the world. There is a vast difference in their treatment by the Lord Jesus Christ at His coming. The difference is that:

>Philadelphia is going home by way of the rapture of the church.

>Laodicea is going to be left behind in the great tribulation in order to learn obedience to the Lord's commands. Then after much tribulation, and weeping, and gnashing of teeth, she too will be taken, but a lot by martyrdom. The survivors by rapture.

In the Song of Songs, each of the eight chapters is an Act of the heavenly play. Thus:

>Philadelphia is raptured in Act 2 verses 11 and following.

>Laodicea is raptured in Act 6 verses 12 and following.

>Both churches, plus the prior five, Ephesus; Smyrna, Permagos, Thyatira, and Sardis are found to be on their honeymoon in Act 7 and 8. All seven churches are therefore the Bride of Christ.

Why are just these two churches the object of the Lord's teaching in Matthew 25 when there are seven churches in all? It is because at the time of the coming of Jesus for His Bride, these are the only churches having LIVING members. All members of all five prior church ages have died and await the resurrection of the dead in Christ. Only these two can have living saints.

The first rapture (Philadelphia) is at the time of seven things in Song 2:11-13. These are:

the winter is past.
the rain is over and gone.
the flowers appear
the singing of the birds is heard
the turtledove is cooing
the fig tree puts forth green figs
the the tender grapes give a fragrance

I believe now that this time March at the Spring equinox. It may be advanced, though, due to partial pole shifting.

The second rapture (Laodicea) is at the time of two things. These are

>the grape vine flourishes with grapes
>the pomegranates bud forth

I believe this time is 4 monts later in July/August, but may be earlier being advanced due to partial pole shifting.

One of the problems of us watchers has been that we did not see a two phase rapture, only a single event rapture. I am convinced by the Song of Songs that it is two phases. And the parable of the ten virgins plus the messages to Philadelphia and Laodicea both back this up.

As a matter of fact, the Song of Songs ties together the teaching of the parable of the ten virgins and the parable of the talents (Matthew 25 1ff) to the churches of Philadelphia and Laodicea!
The five virgins with oil in their lamps are Philadelphia. Ready and waiting. The five virgins with lamps but no oil are Laodicea, who must go to the seller and buy oil Not ready and left behind. These come knocking on the door of the banquest chamber, but are told by Jesus that He does not know who they are.

The ten and five talented servants are the ones who have obeyed the Lord in bearing fruit for the Kingdom. Some more than others, but all are rewarded. However, the one talent servant dug a hole and hid his talent (Laodicea, in love with the world) and suffered for it by weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth (in the great tribulation).

The Philadelphia Christian is the one in Matthew 13:23 who received the Word with joy, and bore fruit. The Laodica Christian is the one who received the Word, but the cares of life (love of the world) choked out his fruit....he was fruitless (Matthew 13:22).

Another of the reasons that the Song of Songs is seen tying these together is that the bride appears as one army with banners in (Song 6:4). But at the time of the second rapture event, she is seen as two armies with banners (Song 6:13b). I believe these two armies are Philadelphia and Laodicea together at last, finally completing the Bride of Christ. These join the five prior churches to form the complete Shulamite (Gentile) bride and are married in Act 7 and they honeymoon in Act 7 and 8 of the Song.

Finally, in Act 8, Song, chapter 8, she suggests to the Bridegroom that their little sister (who hath no breasts), that is modern regathered Israel, be given her temple and her house (city?). She is home at last??

Every flora and fauna sign is either here or appearing right now. Get ready. It did not come in 2015 as I expected, but it seems that 2016 will consummate the matter. If this does not happen as described now, I would rather have said it and been wrong than to have not said it and be right.


Gerry Almond