Ted Porter (26 Feb 2013)
"GM / Pineman - When did Jesus become Messiah and When was Messiah Cut Off?"

I've had to rethink my own views regarding Daniel 9 in the last couple of years regarding the question:
When did Jesus become Messiah?
There are two schools of thought which dominate those Christians who study Prophecy and Daniel 9. 
One quite old school of thought holds that Jesus became Messiah when He was baptized at the start of His ministry.  Three and a half years later He was cut off from God the Father when He was crucified with the sins of the world.  That leaves three and a half years in the future to be fulfilled at some unknown time.  Counting backward 62 weeks plus 7 weeks of solar years from 30 AD brings us to a year a Persian King made a proclamation taken as fulfilling prophecy.
Another school of thought, still over 100 years old proposed by Sir Robert Anderson holds that Jesus became Messiah when He triumphantly entered Jerusalem on what we call Palm Sunday.  Half way through that week, He was cut off from God the Father when He was crucified with the sins of the world.  That leaves seven years in the future to be fulfilled at some unknown time.  Counting backward 62 weeks plus 7 weeks of 360-day years from 32 AD brings us to a year a Persian King made a proclamation taken as fulfilling prophecy.
These two schools are obviously different and the merits of each can be debated to drown out those who hold a third school of thought which the key principle was first proposed by Sir Isaac Newton.  But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves.
For those Christians who do not study Christian Prophecy, when asked when Jesus became Messiah it has been my experience that they either say, "when He was born" or "when He was conceived".
These Christians have not been "burdened" I should say with choosing one of the two schools, above so make their opinion on what seems most logical to them.
Did Mary give birth to Jesus who had the potential to become Christ near the very end of His life?  The mere question is blasphemous to many.  Of course Mary gave birth to the Christ child.  Mary gave birth to Messiah.
The wise men from Persia who studied under the descendants of Daniel who best would understand Daniel 9 were led to come to His birth.  The Word became flesh at the supernatural conception of Jesus Christ.  The flesh of man was anointed with the Word of God
Counting backward 62 weeks of 360-day years from 5 BC brings us to the year Nehemiah as Governor of Jerusalem commanded His fellow Israelites to rebuild Jerusalem.
Daniel 9 declares that after 62 weeks, not after 62 and 7 weeks, Messiah will be cut off.  This literally means the cutting off of flesh and in particular the foreskin in the covenant relationship between Israel and God.  This happened after 62 weeks on the eighth day of Messiah being born.  This cutting off to confirm the covenant was not for the benefit of Himself, Messiah, to enter a covenant relationship with God.  Messiah was God.  Messiah is God.
However, it can also be said that Messiah at the end of His life also had His flesh cut off which also confirmed the same covenant with His death as the perfect sacrifice.
Now the first two schools of thought hold that Messiah will not come after 62 weeks and after 7 weeks, but only after 62 weeks plus 7 weeks.  These two schools of thoughts deny that Daniel 9 knows and predicts that there will be two comings of Messiah, a first coming and a second coming.
Sir Isaac Newton had noted that many before him had indeed added together the 62 weeks and 7 weeks.  He declared that there was no scriptural basis for adding these two numbers together but it would be for a later time that the 7 weeks would be fulfilled.
Since the 62 weeks from the rebuilding of Jerusalem to Messiah has already been fulfilled, that leaves the 7 weeks from the restoring of Jerusalem to Messiah to be fulfilled.  It is my contention that this restoring of Jerusalem occurred on June 7, 1967.  It is also my contention that we should use 360-day years in our count of 49 years to reach September 23, 2015, Yom Kippur, the Holiest date on the Hebrew calendar, as the expected date for Messiah. 
Others may have other contentions as to both the starting date and the type of years they wish to use.  It can be argued that the shortening of days before Messiah to two thirds of before means that time will not be measured the same to count backward 1260 days from September 23, 2015.  It can be argued that just as Jesus came in a secret conception the first time to the exact count, He will come again in a secret Rapture the second time to the exact count, then will come great tribulation.  It can also be argued that time, times, and half a time that the woman, taken as the Christian Bride of Christ, will be hidden from the serpent, satan, during the time of great tribulation does not translate into 1260 days but 900 days.

Rev 12:14 And 2532 to the woman 1135 were given 1325 two 1417 wings 4420 of a great 3173 eagle 105, that 2443 she might fly 4072 into 1519 the wilderness 2048, into 1519 her 846 place 5117, where 3699 she is nourished 5142 for a time 1563 2540, and 2532 times 2540, and 2532 half 2255 a time 2540, from 575 the face 4383 of the serpent 3789.
As one will notice the Greek word for "time" is Strong's 2540 and for "times" is also Strong's 2540.  They are the same word.  There may be no "Western Understanding" basis for equating "time" to one year and "times" to two years in the Greek so we are talking about two and a half years, not three and a half years.  Subtracting two and a half 360-day years which is 900 days from September 23, 2015 brings us to April 6, 2013.  Not long to wait!
Regardless of what happens or does not happen April 6, 2013, or what happens or does not happen September 23, 2013, it does not mean that the underlying prophetic structure leading us to these dates for understanding Daniel 9 are wrong.  It just means that one or more of my three contentions leading to April 6, 2013 or my two contentions leading to September 23, 2015 are wrong and we should continue watching and studying the scripture.
- Shalom!
Ted Porter