Ruby (1 Feb 2013)
"John, Paul, and falling tree"

Thank you John for running this website!!  (and to all those who help you!)
To: Paul NF:
This was a wonderful post about the spirit illuminating within.  This was wonderful!  I have a hard time with those who lean so hard on religious traditions and texts and don't do much to ask God directly about what they belief.  The illumination within is about leaning on the power of God 1st and not the wisdom of men.   So well put, your scripture quote of 1 Cor. 2:5
Some of your other posts Paul are excellent too!  Thank you!
To the rest of the Doves, I can read nor respond to all, but thank you for sharing!!
There was a lady who in the last few days spoke of a dream/vision about Falling tree(s).    I had a dream myself about 5-6 years ago.  I saw a very tall tree, thick around.  Like a redwood tree but the color was more like brown or oak.   The tree looked 50-75 ft high.  Then I saw it fall (but did not see human hands).    A figure head man (representing a prophet) was sitting by the tree and quietly watching as it fell down (in the direction of a downward hill).   Then I heard the loud words, to STOP EATING.   I somehow knew that the tree represented America.     I do not know if the command to stop eating meant to fast & pray after the Fall, or to stop eating food from the grocery store (contamination or irradiation of the food?).   Anyways, for what it is worth.