Randy (28 Feb 2013)
"What to expect on Obama's trip to Israel?  My thoughts..."

Article photos at bottom..

Much as I really liked Lauren's post yesterday......I'm not sure Obama will put his signature on a PRE EXISTING Peace Plan ready to be signed by Israel and the Palestinians...   but, WOW, wouldn't that be something!!?? 

So......  unless Obama DOES pull a rabbit out of the hat.....  I think we can expect what the 2 photos say at the bottom here.

1) Pressure is coming on Iran...from the US in addition to israel
2) NO Peace Treaty....not yet.


PS......I sure would like to see Obama/Israel/Abbas...... surprise ALL of us with a Peace Treaty....but, we'll have to see if something that incredible comes about on this trip.  

I think we could have war with Iran this summer (at the latest?)  and THEN comes Peace for 7 years?