Pineman (25 Feb 2013)
"Daniel 9:27 - Does Jesus Christ Confirm The Covenant With The Many? Part 2"
Dear GM, Angie & Fellow Watchers:
Thank you for bringing your insights into the discussion. They are very much appreciated. I could be wrong in my rendering but this is the way I see it.....
In verse 26 it is stated that Messiah is cut off AFTER the completion of the 62 weeks (which come AFTER the completion of the 7 weeks). So at the time of the crucifixion 69 complete weeks are fulfilled.
The crucifixion can not therefore represent the mid-point of the 70th week since it completed the 69th week. By default Verse 27 represents the 70th week.

Dear Ryan & Fellow Watchers:
I agree but I think that it will take the Departing to kick them into high gear.