Mathman (8 Feb 2013)
"Please do not underestimate the importance of Obama's Spring 2013 visit to Israel"


Dear Doves,


Channel 10 is the only Israeli broadcast channel to be carried by local cable stations in North America and Europe.  According to several secular newspapers, Channel 10 has reported that Obama will arrive in Israel on March 20, 2013 (although the arrival date has yet to be confirmed by the White House):


However, what I find REALLY intriguing is that the corresponding Jewish calendar date that this corresponds with Nisan 10, 5773.  Nisan 10 in 2013 begins at Sunset on Wednesday, March 20, 2013 and ends at Sunset on Thursday, March 21, 2013.


Does Nisan 10 ring a bell to anyone?  Read the following article by Jack Kelley if it doesn’t:


Jesus chose Nisan 10 to enter Jerusalem for the first time as the Messiah, entering as the Sacrificial Lamb for inspection just like the Jewish Passover Lamb.  Nisan 10 of the crucifixion year was the only day He encouraged public acknowledgement of His deity, all in order to fulfill Scripture and the will of His Father that it would be so on His appointed day of arrival as per the Book of Daniel.


Now I have an exercise for you all.  Please carefully ask yourself the following questions in order and see if your excitement builds like mine has about the great possibility of a 2013 Passover Rapture:


-      If Obama lands in Israel on March 20th, will it be early in the morning or later in the afternoon?


-      Most importantly, when will Obama and his entourage choose to enter Jerusalem?


-      Will it perhaps be in the morning of March 21st, right in the early hours of Nisan 10, triumphantly entering Jerusalem as the false prince of peace on the “perfect day”, mimicking our Precious Jesus?


-      Could it be possible that we will see the fake assassination of Obama at some time during Obama’s Mideast 2013 trip?


-      If so, on what day of Passover would the fake assassination occur?  Perhaps Nisan 14, like Christ?  Or later on during Passover, perhaps at the half way point or later?


-      If such fake assassination occurs, will the NWO frame a Jew as the assassin that created the “deadly head wound” in the “world’s anointed one”, bringing worldwide hatred and condemnation for the Jew out from the shadows where it has been festering for decades (actually, since Abraham)?


-      Will the Lord allow us to still be here to witness the fake assassination of Obama, perhaps as a final witnessing tool to get as many souls on board the ark as possible prior to our departure (the Rapture)?


-      Will Obama’s fake resurrection occur simultaneously with the Rapture / Sudden Destruction, just like some of us would have been warning will occur should things transpire as outlined above, emerging to be the long-awaited world leader needed to “solve the world’s problems”?


-      Perhaps the fake assassination will occur on 3-28-13, 3 days prior to 3-31-13, in order to mimic the number of days Jesus awaited until His Glorious Resurrection?


Conclusion:  Perhaps the Rapture will occur on 3-31-13, as outlined as a High Watch Date by Renee Moses?  If so, could this 10 days from Obama’s possible entrance into Jerusalem on Nisan 10 represent a type of the 10 days of Awe?  Personally, Obama’s scheduled trip to Israel is THE biggest earthly, non-spiritual sign I have seen to date that the Rapture is just around the corner (perhaps this Passover, to be specific).


MARANATHA.  Surely our redemption draws EXTREMELY near.


YbiC, MathMan