Mathman (26 Feb 2013)
"Did the movie "Angels & Demons" point to Cardinal Bertone AND a new, but unknown, weapon of Mass Destruction?"


Dear Doves,


As many have gathered, my favorite pick for the next Pope is Cardinal Bertone.  However, this remains total speculation on my part.  Indeed, this very morning, I read a very interesting article by Raul D. outlining why Cardinal Peter Turkson was his favorite pick and I agree that this is also a logical choice to watch for as well.


Interestingly, just last night, a movie called “Angels & Demons” was on TV and I felt a desire to watch it.  Okay, it was actually because my wife had the remote control and that is what she wanted to watch!!  That being said, I was VERY glad I watched it as it may contain some clues on the next Pope and the Illuminati’s upcoming plans.


First, make no mistake about it – “Angels & Demons” is a blasphemous movie, most likely produced by the Illuminati to discount their evil influence on the world (their “non-existence” was a big part of the plot).  However, the whole movie was based on the corruption of the Roman Catholic Church and the picking out of the new Pope, so I was amazed at how timely a topic this was.


“Angels & Demons”, in essence, revolved around three major themes:


-      The camerlengo, who was NOT a cardinal, that was deemed to be worthy (temporarily) to be the next Pope (even though he, and supposedly NOT the “fictional” Illuminati, was later revealed to be behind all of the murder and mayhem)


-      Once it became clear that the camerlengo was actually a murderer and removed from contention as Pope, it was specified at the end of “Angels & Demons” that an ITALIAN cardinal became the successful candidate as the new Pope


-      Sudden Destruction was specifically a big part of “Angels & Demons”, in the form of a soon to explode “Antimatter” bomb.  By the way, an “Antimatter” bomb is a weapon of Mass Destruction which many believe does not exist, but some believe is already in existence but in secret


If one was to combine the first two points of the plot summary above, one wonders if this movie could have been hinting that the next Pope would be both an Italian and the camerlengo?  Naturally, if it did, this would point squarely to Cardinal Bertone, also known as Pietro of Romano.  This, in turn, translates, IMO, nicely to “Peter the Roman”.  However, my important note below contains some “Ifs & Disclaimers” of interest on this:


IMPORTANT NOTE:  While I am still NOT entirely convinced that the Prophecy of the Popes from Saint Malachi is 100% certified truth, I believe its potential as a prophecy from the Lord is at least worthy of our attention.  Also, regardless of who is chosen Pope, given our proximity to the Rapture, any candidate should be of interest, whether it relates to being “Peter the Roman” or not.  In addition, the above assumes that the NWO is actually a creation of the Illuminati in its present day form, whatever that form may now be (the “Bilderbergers” perhaps?).


On a side note, yet still related to “Angels & Demons” as I will show below, Sparrow Cloud 9, a person claiming to be receiving dreams about the end-times specifically from the Lord, seems to be pointing towards the 7th Day of Passover as being extremely noteworthy for us to watch (without actually saying it is the time of the Rapture):


If true, this seems to possibly back up Renee M’s excellent articles on pointing to this very date as the POSSIBLE date for the Rapture (equal to March 31 / April 1).


However, there is a part of her most recent dream that possibly relates to “Angels & Demons”.  This is the part where Sparrow Cloud 9 mentions the following in her latest dream:


“Then I heard a loud explosion followed by a sound like a loud ringing and a strange ping sound.  These bombs weren’t small warnings: these were meant for complete destruction.”


Personally, I am not aware of any bomb revealed to the public that makes a loud explosion, followed by a loud ringing with a strange ping sound.


However, does the Illuminati (the NWO) have such a bomb already at their disposal and are aching to use on us “useless carbon producers”?  If so, would they reveal it, in some vague way, just to make us think about their potential powers?  And if so, and IF the production of the movie, “Angels & Demons”, were indeed fully controlled by the NWO, would they do such revealing?


After watching this movie, I can’t help but feel that this may indeed be a possibility, especially in light of the odd excerpt from Erin’s dream.  To help you understand where I am coming from, please check out the following clip from “Angels & Demons” with the above “sound effect” outlined by Erin in your mind and decide for yourself (please listen VERY carefully to the sound the outlined weapon makes while you are watching this clip):


Is it not interesting that “Angels & Demons” just happened to specifically show a special effect consisting of a “loud explosion followed by a sound like a loud ringing and a strange ping sound”, thereby matching Sparrow Cloud 9’s dream perfectly?


ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE:  I remain skeptical about any personal dreams providing supplementary information about the Rapture / End-Times.  However, Sparrow Cloud 9 specifically does NOT provide dates on Rapture timing, which helps relieve part of my skepticism.  It is not that she hasn’t tried to get a date.  Indeed, Erin (her real name) indicates the Lord keeps telling her “NO” whenever she specifically asks Him about the timing of the Rapture (which she often has, as she freely admits).


However, in all I have read of Erin’s dreams, she continuously points to the love of the Lord, the need to be saved by Him and many pertinent Scriptures, and yet never contradicts any Scriptures.  As such, I must admit that I find her dreams fascinating and well worth reading.  However, for clarity, I must add that I do NOT view her dreams as being infallible nor at anywhere near the level of esteem that the Bible should (and MUST) be held in.


However, my view on Erin’s dreams as outlined above is only my personal opinion.  The material as written is so different from what one would expect, yet still in line with the Bible at the same time (IMO), that I cannot help but feel that this just may very well be part of the “increase in knowledge” as promised would happen at the end in the Book of Daniel.  That being said, Erin ALWAYS is clear that her dreams are to be read with discernment and are NOT a substitute for the Bible (and I fully agree with her on this).


Surely, time is almost up.  Even Kissinger is saying 2013 will be the year for a nuclear holocaust.


YbiC, MathMan