Mary Anna (23 Feb 2013)
"Obama Group Launches $100,000 Anti-Gun Advertising Blitz"

Thursday, 21 Feb 2013 11:55 AM
By Sandy Fitzgerald

"OFA (Office of Family Assistance) plans to sponsor more than 100 events in 80 or more Congressional districts Friday to demand action on the issue. The group says it expects thousands of people to participate in the events, which will include vigils, letter-writing campaigns, and news conferences."

"OFA has come under some criticism because of how it is organized. The Democratic Party is under strict contribution limits, but OFA can take in an unlimited amount of money, allowing it to raise large sums for its events and advertising.
The group won't take money from political action committees or federal lobbyists, said Jim Messina, who has moved from being Obama's 2012 campaign manager to chairing OFA. However, Democracy 21 President Fred Wertheimer calls OFA a ³dangerous² precedent that allows special interests to influence the administration.

OFA's offices are now in Washington, but will relocate to Chicago, Obama's hometown, by June, and the organization hopes to survive past the president's second term."