Lauren (20 Feb 2013)

Hello Simon,


You asked, “What is auspicious about 1-20-2013”? Then went on and laid out a fascinating equation out of Jeremiah 39 that counts out on that day.


Simon, remember Samaria was the Capitol of the house of Israel/Ephraim and the “conjecture” that I believe came out of this is that Daniel 11:20 was fulfilled and “after a few days” from his inauguration “he will be destroyed neither in anger or battle”.


The “storm of the LORD” and the ‘2nd’ Exodus, are referenced in Jeremiah 30:23-Jeremiah 31:2, Ezekiel 20:33-38 and Revelation 12:14-17, and for several years we have been trumpeting this event possibly occurring as a simultaneous event over Passover March 25, 2013 in the midst of Daniel 9:24-27’s sixty-sixth [66] week.  


The count of days including Passover, March 25, 2013 is 65 days from January 20, 2013. What I find fascinating about these 65 days is we have another reference to the #65 [day/year] over in Isaiah 7:7-9 where we see the Ephraim’s head/Capitol Samaria and its head/President broken and not be a people.


Notice Syria and Damascus had the same fate meted out and isn’t it ironic at the ‘2nd’ Exodus the “storm of the LORD” clears out Syria, along with Edom, Moab, Ammon and the coastland along the Mediterranean so the remnant can fly in. Isaiah 11:10-16


In Isaiah 17:2-3 after Damascus is ruined, we see a remnant in Syria, as the glory of the children of Israel, with none making them afraid! There is no question this text is referring to the “storm of the LORD on the day of the LORD”.


The barley harvest signifies Passover, in Isaiah 17:11b…we read, “the harvest will be a heap in the day of GRIEF and DESPERATE SORROW”  

Simon, in no way am I saying that something very significant won’t happen to America/Ephraim on February 21, 2013, quite the contrary, it is the FAST OF ESTHER, and what better day to carry out Iran or the old Persian Empire’s  “Revenge of Haman” than on that day?


Some event has to kick start the setting up of martial law in this country either tomorrow or a Earthquake on our New Madrid or San Andreas fault lines in the days ahead would fulfill that bill also.


Great post and stay safe, the Ezekiel 33:6 watching one