Jovial (8 Feb 2013)
"Answering some of Frank's questions"

In re Frank's comments at ,  I would not be surprised if "the One" was indeed the one who took the USA down and caused the collapse that prevents us from hearing about it in prophecy.  I never said I liked his policies.  But someone will be yanking his chain when the final power shift occurs.  In fact, you wonder how many people already are consider his dependency on the teleprompter. 

Statue of Liberty did not have the best of origins.  I wouldn't mind hearing your thuoghts on that one. 

Was 9/11 the beam that struck the sycamour tree?  I don't think Isaiah was talking about the USA.  Certainly not directly.  and keep in mind that much of what Cahn said about it is not proven to have happened in history - it is his re-assemblying of what he THINKS happened.  When someone alleges that perhaps a set of facts happened that - WOW - match this verse so great - well - that is easy to do when you are proposing the facts in order to fit that verse. 


There are no historical references from the 18th century to prove what Cahn said about our founding history has any validity.  However, what he said about modern politics is pretty mind blowing.  And I am not trying to argue Cahn is wrong.  I am simply saying that we need to separate what we KNOW from what we read between the lines in order to avoid making the mistake of acting on a conclusion that was based on a faulty premise.  and if someone wants to try and claim Cahn put it all together perfectly - all I got to say is go find some historical documents to prove the case.  Cahn doesn't quote any historical documents on his 18th century assumptions.


I haven't read his book.  I did read his website on it and thought it was the most amazing thing until I found out it was fiction and mostly what he read into the situation rather than being conclusions based on real history.  Then I was disappointed that he didn't document that for the reader.  Somewhat misleading really.