Jovial (5 Feb 2013)
"Is America in Prophecy? Part 2: The Misreading of Prophecy and Regaining the Right Perspective and WHY AMERICA IS NOT BABYLON"

Some people apply everything they read  in Scripture to the context of their culture and their surroundings.  Some Americans see current American events in every prophecy of Scripture.  But most people can't find America in prophecy at all, although I do believe there is one passage that DOES refer to the USA and another that COULD.  I'll get to that soon.  But forst there's a need to re-adjust to the right perspective.

There's a reason people have to ask "Is America in Prophecy?"  It is because the USA is hard to find in the pages of Scripture.  No one walks away from the pages of Scripture with the impression that the central nation of end time events is an unidentified land far from Israel.  The USA is not the primary nation driving end time events.  Nor is it the second one.  The USA plays such a small part in end time events that most people can't find America in the pages of end times prophecy.  Perhaps that tells you something; that America is headed for a big fall!

Most people throughout the ages have agreed that Rome and Israel takes center stage in the end times.  Some people debate whether certain passages of Scripture refer to Europe or the Mid-East, but they definitely don't refer to the USA.

No one doubts that America is center stage in today's politics.  So in order for America to go from THE world Superpower to a nation not worth prominent mention in prophecy, something really bad may be in store for the USA in the near future.  Perhaps it will be nuked into oblivion; the Russians want Alaska back.  BHO is said to have given China the right of Eminent Domain to keep them refinancing our debt. 

Or we might destroy ourself since the US is on the verge of a potential civil war over gun control with several states (Texas, Tennessee, Idaho, Kentucky, others) that have introduced state measures making it a crime for a Federal agent to enforce whatever gun control laws the Federal Government might eventually pass.  So it may well be that he will send troops to collect guns, state police will go to war with them, and who knows what the outcome will be?  Or perhaps the globalists get their way and the US merges with Canada and Mexico to form the United States of North America?

Or perhaps an economic collapse of the dollar will cause wealth to shift to Europe or China or elsewhere.  I believe that when the "Beast" rises to power, it will demonstrate its power to the world by bringing the USA in subjection to it, and the world will marvel that even the USA had to bow to this great power.  that is, if the USA is still around when it happens and isn't destroyed first by nuclear war, economic collapse, or a civil war over the second amendment.

But America is so unimportant in end time events that most people cannot find America in prophecy!!!.  It's time we let that sink in instead of trying to fit everything around the USA.

For example, when the Scriptures talk about "Babylon", that is not America.  Many people have concluded that because Babylon is the center of Revelation, and America is the most powerful nation, that Babylon must be America.  That is simply wrong.  Perhaps what we should do is conclude that because Babylon is the center of prophecy, America will eventually fall.

But the idea that America is Babylon is popular with many Americans simply because they can't find America in Prophecy and are too American centric in their thinking to accept the idea that America will be a bit player in end time events.   Most Americans speak no languages other than their own native English. They pay little attention to foreign news and seem to think that if it does not happen in the USA, it did not happen or is not worth worrying about. The American baseball championship is called the “World Series.” Attitudes are so internally focused that it is hard for most Americans to accept the idea that the USA is only a minor player in end time events; or possibly no longer a nation when it happens, but perhaps we need to wake up and realize that such a conclusion is exactly the one that makes the most sense due to the relative absence of much mention of the USA in prophecy.

America is not Babylon, and no one becomes the False Messiah by being elected president of the USA.  I think Daniel makes it clear that the False Messiah will rise from Europe and "pitch his tent" (or in other words move his world capital) from his European roots to the real Babylon.


Shalom, Joe