Jovial (4 Feb 2013)
"Is America in Prophecy? Part 1: The Harbinger was Fiction"

America is in prophetic passages of Scripture.  I will address that in a future portion of this series.  But first, let me address a common misperception where it is not.

The Harbinger is fiction.  Johnathan Cahn wrote a fictional novel based on his reassembly of history assuming certain passages of Scripture apply to America.  There's no actual scriptural hints they were intended for the USA.   One could argue all day about whether he is right or wrong, but there is no historical evidence to backup his claims that the events in Washington's day happened as he presents them.  One problem is a lot of people aren't aware of that fact and when they read excerpts, they think it is a real uncovering of history.  On the other hand, many things he presents about recent political events are documented.

There is a debate over this tactic at in which people debate on whether what he did is good or not.  Some people consider it thought provoking and valuable even if it is not true.  I might read it some day.  I am not criticising the book.  But I do think it is important that we understand the difference between fact and fiction and not read it and pass it on as fact and encourage people to read it to find out what happened when our nation was founded.

Cahn applies Isaiah 9:10 to the USA, which is numbered Isaiah 9:9 in most Jewish editions. But Isaiah 9:9 says the verse applies to Ephraim and Samaria; the Northern kingdom of Israel which no longer exists.  Also, in Isa 9:11, G-d is mad that whoever is rebuilding in Isa 9:10 wants to rebuild, and sets an adversary against them (called Rezin) as punishment for rebuilding.  So if you accept Cahn's interpretation that Isa 9:10 applies to the USA, and the USA is a spiritual Ephraim/Samariah, one must conclude that G-d wanted the events of 9/11 to happen and will punish America for rebuilding the towers.  I would consider that to be absurd.

The Harbinger contains a lot of info involving what Cahn has read into Isa 9:10 and read into American history.  There is no scriptural evidence to point one towards the idea that Isa 9:10 applies to the USA and no historical evidence that what he read into American history about George Washington and other things really happened.  One does not necessarily have to conclude that he is wrong to realize this.

Cahn has a lot of great teachings and I like the guy. My wife read his book and highly endorsed it.  I might read it.  It might be thought provoking enough to consider the possibility that part of what he has read into the Isaiah and American history might mean something vaild.  I haven't read enough of what he said to draw a conclusion on that.  I simply point this out to warn people to be careful in how they present this type of information to others.

Are there places in Scripture where it could be talking about the USA?  Places where the text could be hinting at America?  Yes there is.  I will cover that soon.

Shalom, Joe