Jovial (28 Feb 2013)
"To Navi; You don't have Cooties, and I agree with you...The Trib period is MORE THAN SEVEN YEARS"

In re Navi's article at , I agree.  The 7 years of Daniel 9 may not necessarily be the same as the last 7 years of Revelation.  It could, but Revelation covers at least a 10.5 year period from the first trump to the second coming; possibly a 14 year period.  IT IS NOT A 7 YEAR PERIOD FROM FIRST TRUMP TO LAST TRUMP!


I submitted a proof of this at , in which I showed from from the timing of the trumps that there HAS to be 8 or more years to the timing of the events in Revelation.  I also stated at that I thought the purpose of the 7 year period in Daniel 9 was to identify WHO the false messiah was.  It may be before the last 7 years of Revelation. It might overlap with the last 7 years.  Maybe it is the last 7 years and the first trump happens a few years before Dan 9.


Sometimes we hear a theory so many times we have trouble shaking the belief in that theory as an axiom.  And SEVENs do dominate Revelation.  But maybe it's 10.5 years or 14 years.  One things for sure; it's more than 7. 


A lot of people on this list are anxious to see it happen, but it is going to develop slower than we anticipate.  Maybe that's not the case.  But the main reason so many people have trouble fitting the timing of Revelation together is because they have been brainwashed through repetition to box everything that happens into a 7 year period, and it can't be done.  They've been brainwashed into thinking that every mention of a 3.5 year period is either in the first half or second half of the one and only 7 year period involved.  That simply isn't the case.


You don't have cooties.  You've been hit with a light of insight.  Hold onto what G-d showed you and you will piece the timing of Revelation together a lot easier than all those folks who can't shake from their brain the idea that everything must fit into a year year period even though no verse in Scripture says such a thing must happen.


Shalom, Joe