Jimmy Lishman (25 Feb 2013)
"The most significant counterfeit sign of our current time"

Hi Doves,

In thinking on the coming of JESUS THE Messiah of Israel on the 10th of Nisan 2000 years ago with all of the scribes and Pharisees knowing the time and bearing witness of HIS coming and then rejecting HIM outright because he did not fit their image of what the MESSIAH’s background and heritage should be, and causing the Jewish nation to be saved up for the tribulation out of which a remnant will be saved.

Next month on the 10th of Nisan BHO will come into Jerusalem and also in the token of a donkey, riding in on his political parties emblem (democratic party in US symbol is a donkey) to the acclaim of the Jewish peoples who will create a sculpture of him, give him honorary accolades as the savior of Israel from their Iranian enemies and lapping up the adoration as has been his custom.

satan always does a bad imitation as he cannot create on his own. I cannot help to wonder what events are going to transpire in the run-up to this event and what comes after it.

Just based on the satanic attacks on myself and my family this past month, I have a very bad feeling about this event (not on myself and the Doves but on the accelerating (en-tacheo) events leading up to our most glorious event) but on our unsaved ones and the lukewarm churches and pastors who are wondering about the Oscars and the next ball game.

My prayer is the the Doves – and Charles especially enter into a prayer from the heart on our lost loved ones.

I will be praying especially for all our Doves come Friday and Saturday which is the world day of prayer.

My prayers are especially for Charles and his difficult witness to his own spouse – strength my brother.


Loving HIS appearing and looking up with expectancy

In the name above all names JESUS CHRIST MASCHIAGH NAGID