Jean Stepnoski (20 Feb 2013)
"Haman in The Book of Esther: Mr. Final Solution"

Dear Doves:
   John Parsons, as noted by Friedrick Wenz, at in the Holidays section has excellent resources concerning Purim. John believes that Purim deserves consideration and participation by Christians. "The Scandal of Purim: Should Christians Celebrate Purim?" is a fine article.
   Purim is a story about Gentiles and Jews in The Book of Esther. King Xerxes (King Ahasuerus) is the Gentile King of Persia, a recent groom to the Jewish Queen Esther, his second wife. He declares that the death edict against the Jews is to be null and void. Beautiful yet shy Esther finds the courage to plead for her beloved cousin Mordecai's life and the lives of all the Jews in Persia. Victory! Haman is an evil minded proud administrator to the King. Haman is a type of Anti-Christ and Satan and a spiritual nadir of Jew hating villains. Long before Adolf Hitler and the Nazis there were many Jew haters who plotted the extermination of Jews, sought the wicked resolution of "The Final Solution" in their times.
   The Book of Esther gives followers of The Messiah of Israel, Christ the Lord, a valuable spiritual litmus test of what each of us feels and thinks concerning the Jews, The House of Israel, Israel, the people of the 12 tribes, and our personal Redeemer as a kosher rabbi from the Galilee. Are there any ways we admire, side with Haman against Mordecai, Queen Esther, and the Jews? Beware of Haman and the spirit of Haman!What about the many Haman types in history? Does Antiochus Epiphanus IV of Syria, prominent in the Hanukkah story, remind us of Haman? How about the beast (Anti-Christ) and the false prophet in The Book of Revelation? Would they admire and extol Haman and "the final solution" remedy in our times?
   The Purim stories in ancient Persia are long ago and far away. Persia has been renamed Iran. Are there modern day admirers of Haman there? Are there Haman types in our world now, avid to exact the realization of the evil schemes of "The Final Solution" which Haman, his 10 sons, and others could not accomplish? The spirit of Haman has lived on, in the pervasive spirit of "The Final Solution." In the spirit of the dynamic duo of evil and wickedness of the beast and the false prophet, the spirit of Haman is revived. Onto death. And their eternal destruction.
   But yet, as there was the nes nistar "the hidden miracle" long ago in Persia, a remnant of Israel will survive the murderous intents of the Haman admirers of our times. The spirit of Haman will not forever endure. This fact is cause for rejoicing! Purim will be from Adar 11 to 15, from 2-21 to 2-25-2013. Beware the spirit of Haman. Happy Purim!
With Love and Shalom,