Gerry Almond (8 Feb 2013)
"The Days of God's Plan of the ages"


There is a relatively simple statement about the end of the age.  I could go into a lengthy study as some have done, write a book or two, and expound until I am blue in the face, but to what avail?  No one would read it, because I am an unknown author.  But, let me flatly state this:  The end is here and I can prove it.

The steps toward proof are:

1.  The Anchor Point

An anchor point needs to be reached and accepted.  I have written extensively, to show that the end of the 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy is September 23/24, 2015, based on the sign of Noah as authorized by Christ, Himself.  When the additional 75 days outlined in Daniel 12 are added, the final day becomes December 7/8,2015.  This fact is verified by two different witnesses.  These are: (1) Pastor Mark Biltz’ discovery of the significance of tetrads of eclipses that actually bracketed the 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy, all falling on Jewish Holy Days.  (2).  The fact that Jesus Christ’s giving the sign of Noah in Matthew 24 turned out to be an exact copy for the day counts of both Noah and re-gathered Israel, that is 43,200 days each, which last one, the re-gathering of Israel began on August 28/29, 1897, with the first Zionist Congress in 1,827 years, and ends December 7/8, 2015.  

2.  The Dispensational View of 7,000 Years as God’s Plan of the Ages

The fact is that God Almighty indeed planned a 7,000 years period of creation, testing and deliverance of mankind, either to bliss, or to destruction.  This is called “Dispensationalism”, which is the only way to “rightly divides the word of truth”.

3.  The Birthday of our Lord Jesus Christ    

The fact is that the birthday of Jesus Christ can be determined mathematically and that determination provides the very beginning of the fifth millennium.  The fifth millennium will end 2,000 solar years later with the crowning of the King of Kings.

4.  Jesus Birthday Determines the Date of the Pentecost Birthday of the Church  

The fact that the birthday of the Church of Jesus Christ was exactly 50 days after the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.  If the birthday of Jesus is known, and it is determined by the mathematics of His name, then the date of the Pentecostal birthday of the Church can be determined mathematically.  If we then can determine the year of that Pentecost, we will know how long the Church Age will be.

5.  The Season of the Rapture Can Be Known

If all of these mesh in one steady stream of fulfillment, then the season of the rapture event can be determined within a relatively short period of time.  Although no man or woman knows the day or hour precisely, the “slot” can be seen.

6.  Finally, if these can be exhibited to fit the known facts of the Bible and historical evidence, then one can say “we have arrived”.  No more speculation, we now know.


In the Plan of the Ages, it appears that God has given 7,000  solar years of time to planet earth and its inhabitants to complete His glorious program leading to eternity.  That would be 7,000 x 365.24219 days to total 2,556,645 days.  The division in Scripture is as follows:

From Adam to Abraham was 2,000 years
From Abraham to Jesus Christ was 2,000 years
From Jesus Christ to the Kingdom Age will be 2,000 years
From the Kingdom Age to eternity will be 1,000 years

The third segment of 2,000 years began at some point in the life of Jesus Christ.  At birth?  At His conception? At His baptism?  At His public ministry?  At His triumphal entry?  At His crucifixion and death, burial, and resurrection?  At His ascension?  Or maybe at the birth of the Church?  It appears to be His birth.  To support this, let’s see what the numbers say.

                               THE FIRST TWO THOUSAND YEARS

                            FIRST 360 DAYS; THEN 365.24219 DAYS

But, a problem in straight figuring occurred and will occur again.  In the beginning, from Adam to Noah’s 600th year of life, each year was 360 days.  The earth was orbiting a perfect circle around the sun.  After 1,656 years of 360 days each, the great flood came.  This count is known from the Table of Nations, found in the Old Testament.  The ancient Jewish Sribes and Priests corrupted the Table once, in order to make the birth of Jesus not correct, but God used the Greek Septuagint to preserve the correct numbers.  The Jews couldn’t correct it, as it was out of their reach.  That 1,656 years would be only 1,632 solar years of 365.24219 days each.  During the destruction of Noah’s day and thereafter, the year increased by 5.24219 days.  So, taking 2,000 solar years minus 1,632 solar years gives 368 solar years after the flood until the call of Abraham.  This means that Abram knew Nimrod and had dealings with him.  God changed Abram’s name to Abraham at the call.  The Old Testament  time of 2,000 solar years ended at the time of the call of Abraham, and thus began the next period of 2,000 solar years.


                               THE SECOND TWO THOUSAND YEARS   

From the call of Abraham, through the works of God using Moses, the exodus years, the entry into the promised land, through the kings of Israel, until Jesus Christ comprise the second period.  During this time, the Feast of Hanukkah was created circa 166 B. C.  At the birth of Jesus, about 162 years later, the fifth millennium began.

                        THE THIRD TWO THOUSAND YEARS

Let’s now concentrate on the third 2,000 years period, from Christ to His Kingdom.  This period includes the mighty “Church Age”, also known as the “Age of Grace”.  This is because it is the time period in which we, the final generation, lives.  We have an ending anchor date of no later than December 7, 2015, verified by the timeline established by the 120 years overlay count of day of Noah’s time onto modern Israel’s time.  This is part of the sign of Noah spoken of by Jesus Christ in Matthew 24.  It is explained below and in posts made to Five Doves several times in the past.

Noah’s call until destruction                           120 years x 360 days = 43,200 days
Modern Israel’s call until Kingdom        8/29/1897 until 12/7/2015 = 43,200 days.

The first Zionist Congress in 1,827 convened on 8/29/1897 which began the count of 43,200 days.  Thus, the end date is known because Israel is God’s time clock for the end days.  Since I believe that the end date is known, that is December 7, 2015, I can calculate the beginning date IF I KNOW when Jesus was born.  I believe that God has hidden that in plain sight, just as He did so many other things.  It goes as follows:

Jesus was specifically named by Joseph according to instructions by the announcing angel of the Lord.  His name was to be JESUS, which means “Deliverer”.  His second name while on the earth the first time, was Savior “for He shall save (Savior) His people from their sins”.  He is both deliverer and savior of the souls of men.  Jesus lived after His birth exactly 12,152 days which, when divided by 365.242.19 is 33.27 solar years.  This calculation is based on using the gematria (numbers) of His earthly names (see Matt 1:27).

Jesus numbers to              888 in both Greek and Hebrew
Savior numbers to          x  14 in both Greek and Hebrew

Sub total numbers to   12,432 days or 34  solar years and 14 days.
Less                                    280 days for conception to birth.

Net days of life             12,152 days or 33.27 years.

So, next is when was Jesus born?  The mathematics of His names can also used to tell us when.

                    ON WHAT DATE WAS JESUS BORN?    

Using Passover, as the known date of His death and as the known date from which to back count, we must use April 3 as the date of crucifixion and death to be correct.  His earthly life stopped that day.  Based on the Jewish calendar, the year that matches April 3 as the time of Passover is the year 30.  So, let’s use 30, which will make His birth to have occurred in 4 B.C.  On December 25 of 4 B. C., to be exact.  Here is the count:

Jan 1 – Apr 2/3, 30                                    92 days
33 years x 365.24219 days                  12,053 days
Dec 24/25 thru Dec 31/Jan 1, 4 BC            7 days

Total days                                            12,152 days, the calculated lifetime of Jesus Christ.

To those who don’t believe Jesus could be born December 25, I’m truly sorry, as  I too thought it was surely during the Feast of Tabernacles, but that is simply not so.  His birth occurred during the Feast of Hanukkah.


It is important to look a bit further.  Simply go back from December 7, 2015 a total of 2,000 solar years to December 7, 15. That is 19 years into Jesus life from 4 B. C. Finally, the Kingdom Age should and will be 360 days per year again.  God’s plan is to restore the earth to its pristine condition for the Kingdom Age. The count will be only 360,000 days (1,000 x 360) which, when divided by 365.24219 days is only  985.65 solar years.  This means that the 14.3 years is attached to the Age of Grace, not the Age of the Kingdom.  So add the 14.3 to the time of the Church.  By that I mean, take 4 BC plus the 15 years, plus 14.3 more years (from the Kingdom count) which coincides with  Jesus Christ age of 33.3 years by mathematical count when based on December 7, 2015.  This is powerful evidence to corroborate the December 7, 2015 ending date.

                         THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST AS A MARKER

The Church was birthed on Pentecost 30.  That date was 50 days after Passover --April 3 which fell on May 22, 30.  This gives the Age of Grace a time length of nearly 1,983 years.  It also means that April 11/12, 2012, the midpoint of the 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy which was marked by the two of the largest slip earthquakes ever recorded, was the time the sudden destruction was to be.  It did not occur right then, as you know, but events have ever since gotten worse and worse in the middle east, until now, war between Israel and her enemies could break out any moment.  

                                      AN INTRIGUING POSSIBILITY

There are reasons to suspect that the sudden destruction spoken of in I Thess 5:2 is fast closing in upon the world.  Israeli jets have struck in Syria to prevent arms going to Hezabollah, in Lebanon.  The world is crying “foul” and Israel says it may have to strike again.  Russia, no less, is threatening little Israel (Gog/Magog war?) as seen in Ezekiel 38 and 39.  Could we be seeing the imminent buildup to that?  All the world is against Israel, as evidenced by U. N. actions directly against her.  Even the U. S. cannot be any longer trusted to protect God’s covenant people.  Watchers know, according to I Thess. 5:2 that the sudden destruction is to be accompanied by the rapture event.  So, these are hand in hand and could come at any moment.
Jesus said “When ye see all these things begin to come to pass, then lift up your head, for your redemption draweth nigh”.  (Matt 24:38).

                             TIMING OF THE RAPTURE KNOWN?
Is it to be March 31/April 1, 2013?  Renee M. has made a convincing case for this to be the time.  To understand, read her several posts about it.  She has made them on Five Doves and her own web site.  And it is, after all, the time of Palm Sunday and Easter, or First Fruits or the Gentile Passover with the day of all fools on April 1.  What better description of those not ready than “All Fools?”  Also, of interest is that this date is exactly one Jewish year of 354 days after the mid-point of the 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy (April 11/12, 2012).

Also, could it be virtually any day between now and April 1?  

I believe that we are in the “slot”.  In one of the latest visions of Sparrow Cloud 9, she sort of asked when will He come, and was in turn she was asked by Enoch to “tell me, what comes after the snow?”  She replied,  “Spring and blossoms”.  Could this not be a heavenly hint that it comes at first blooming?  Palm Sunday for ur early alert time and Easter season for the event?  

I believe sincerely that 2013 is the year of our Lord’s return for us.    


All glory to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit forevermore!


Gerry Almond