Gerry Almond (28 Feb 2012)
"Gog/Magog war.  Is it right before us?"

Dear Ones:


I wrote this before I read Mathman’s brilliant analysis of Dan 9:27.  It ties into it to the point that I wanted to share it with you Doves.  I am being “impressed” with the message below.  Whether it, in fact, will occur as written I do not know, but the impression is heartfelt.  I give it to you as speculation. 


If the Lord of All uses the Gog/Magog war combined with the events of Psalm 83 as the event of sudden destruction at the beginning of which the Church of Jesus Christ is raptured, then think about how the scenario could play out.


The United States is the power that is “in the way” of such a war effort succeeding against Israel.  The U. S. is Israel’s only major ally and is the strongest nuclear power in the world.  Right now, moves by Washington to remove carriers from the Mediterranean Sea are being seen by Russia and Iran, et al, as weakness.  It is being decried by Congressmen and by Israel alike, but they seem powerless to stop the shrinkage of our war assets in the middle east.  That is because our Commander in Chief is making moves that will endanger our only ally in that region, Israel.  He is deliberate in his increasingly obvious decisions to weaken the U. S. both economically and militarily.  The so called sequester is case in point.   It automatically cuts back our ability to remain the number 1 power.


Satan hates Israel because she is “God’s chosen people”.  In spite of her stiff neck and unrepentant attitude, God loves the Jew.  After all, Jesus Himself was a Jew in His earthly ministry and is a Jew still in the heavenlies.  Israel, according to Scripture, is destined to rule over the Millennial Kingdom world after the powers of darkness are put under the feet of the Jewish Lord Jesus Christ, the King of Kings.  Because of this, Russia, Iran and the great host of Arab nations also hate Israel, in concert with their master, satan.  They truly also hate the United States.  Russia has never gotten over the defeat of Russian Communism at the hands of the United States.   Revenge has been and is still in the national conscience of elite Russia, the great northern bear.  Her past leaders vowed to “bury the U. S.”, and fully intend to one way or another, I believe.  It looks as if it has come to the nuclear option.


So, when the time is perceived to be right, I believe that Russia will strike.  It’s goal?  To take the treasures of Israel consisting of oil and gas in the Mediterranean Sea.  Also, as a side benefit, they want the beautiful fruit of the land of modern Israel.  So, who or what stands in her way?  The United States of America and its neighbor to the north, Canada.


For years Russia has chafed about the annexation of Alaska as the 50th state of the U. S.  That is because Russia sees Alaska as their new motherland.  She claims that the U. S. “literally stole” Alaska back when the Alaskan purchase was made.  She wants it back.  And I think Russia wants her elite to have a place to go, once the middle east is conquered, along with the U. S. being destroyed.  Motherland Russia will be dead by then from nuclear fire exchange with the U. S., and the American mainland will also be just as dead, but Alaska will still alive.  It would take no major effort for their armies to take over this “new Russia” in the aftermath of mutual nuclear destruction.  I believe that Russia does not care for the population of either country, only her elite and a new, pristine land in which to rebuild.  


At the moment of the middle east invasion, just after the marching orders are given and the best and finest have departed to conquer the middle east and destroy little Israel,  I believe that Russia will launch every intercontinental ballistic missile it has toward the U. S.  They will need to neutralize the U. S. in order for her armies to succeed in the middle east.  Every major city of America will be under nuclear attack.  In fifteen minutes, the missiles will strike after launch and within one hour, the beautiful country that turned its back on God Almighty could be in flames and have so much radioactive debris in the air as to make it uninhabitable for many, many years. 


The U. S. radar system will have picked up the incoming missile attack and orders will be issued to respond.  Motherland Russia will perish, just as homeland America will perish.  But the Russian armies will be already enroute to the pleasant land of the middle east.  China will remain in the stands cheering Russia on, but herself not participating at this point.  North Korea, and the eastern Asian nations will join China in the cheer, including Japan, who is still smarting from its WW2 defeat and humbling surrender aboard the USS Missouri in 1945. 


When the smoke has settled, there will be no Russia or America for the world to worry about.  Europe will now reign supreme in the west and China and her hordes in the east.  China will then begin to plan its expansion into and over the European countries.  China’s greatest need is for women.  They have limited families to 1 child for so long, and accepted mostly the boys, that the massive army of men have limited numbers of women in their own country.  Westward lie the women. 


Israel, in the meantime, will be faced with overwhelming odds as many nations, led by Russia, will come against her.  BUT GOD (ah, that great phrase), will miraculously intervene and fight for Israel “as He did in the day of battle”.  A badly bruised Israel will nevertheless survive as a nation against all of these tremendous odds.  It will be unbelievable to the point that the world will “glorify God”. 


So when?  How about starting on or near March 22, 2013?  Obama will have declared himself during his Israel trip March 20-22 and the Roman Church will have its new pope, Peter the Roman by then as well.  Europe will open their arms to ex-president Barack Obama as their new world leader, and the new world order will be imposed.  This nuclear exchange could occur while U. S. President Obama is out of the country.  The next 40 days after March 21/22, could certainly qualify as days of destruction, couldn’t they?  Just as the rains came in Noah’s day for 40 days?  The next 110 days would be utter chaos while the New World Order rises out of the chaos of the 40 days of nuclear rain of fire.


Think it can’t happen?  Read just one verse, the 6th verse in Ezekiel 39 here quoted with my interpretation added.  “And I (God) will send a fire (nuclear, with God using America as the finger to launch the missiles and bombs) on Magog (Russia because of her invasion of the middle east) and (I will also use Russia to send its missiles) among them that dwell carelessly (partying) in the isles: (lands with coasts, i. e. North America. Mexico, etc), and they (Israel?) shall know that I am the Lord.”  (Ezek 39:6). 


The bottom line is that while the sudden destruction could come from any number of things, I believe it will be nuclear and I suspect that it will be circa March 22, 2013.


My and your escape is the rapture of the Bride.  Sometime between now and then.

There is not many days left, brethren and sisters.  To that prospect, I say: 




Just my feelings.


Come, Sweet Jesus, for your waiting Bride.


Gerry Almond