Gerlinda (23 Feb 2013)
"Obama's Youth Junior Fraternity Regiment"

As I was doing research concerning Obama's membership in a fraternity while he attended college, I ran across this short video that is down-right frightening in all that it brings to memory such as the Hitler Youth Movement and the Brown Shirts in WWII. 
Obama Youth Junior Fraternity Regiment
 I've included the portion that tells about the honorary membership to verify that he was not an official member, only honorary.   g.

He has an honorary membership of a fraternity.

While it is true that he has an honorary membership of at least one fraternity he doesn’t seem to be active or has ever been active.

The fraternity had also signed up to do campaign service for Obama that day so decided to seize the moment and ask the Illinois Senator to be an honorary member of Alpha Nu Omega. Prior to the start of Obama’s speech, all volunteers are given an opportunity to take photos with him. This is when the seven fraternity members presented the senator with a certificate and invited him to be an honorary member, which Obama gladly accepted with a handshake. The group also gave him an Alpha Nu Omega T-shirt.