Gerlinda (12 Feb 2013)
"The New Pope shall be?"

Here is my 'gut' feeling, after reading the background of all three highly contended names to be the next pope, may be.  The names are:
Milan cardinal Angelo Scola
Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga of Honduras
Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana
At first, I felt that since Scola was Italian born and St Malachi said the last pope would chose the name "Peter the Roman", it would have to be this man.
Rodriguez Maradiaga just does not seem to fit at all even if he does speak Italian among other languages.
Peter Turkson is my choice, speaks many languages including Italian.  I noticed that two bookies have already chosen him.  I have drifted to this black man for four reasons.
1.  His given name is Peter
2.  He already resides at the Vatican, thus part of the Roman citizenry.
3.  He is very out-spoken regarding people not hoarding but pushes Socialism.
4.  The final and biggest reason is that he believes that Christians and Islam need to have unity....a very dangerous position but one that the New World Order would push.  A point of interest is that, this would be the first black pope in 1600 years....kind of like the New World Order agenda being headed up by the 'appointed' black president of the USA.  He even was behind a video concerning that agenda.