Frank Molver (7 Feb 2013)
"Jovial re the US not being Babylon and Harbinger"
Good letter Joe, some good points
We appreciate your studies and bible knowledge
We do grasp at straws sometimes
But, Israel is without a doubt our prophetic time peace
It's rebirth to the world can not be denied as 1948
70 years will be in 2018, this generation will see the return of the Lord in the sky
Yes, many of us believe the US will be no more
Many of us believe that Obama is the man to take away the constitution
Do you see any significance in the Statue of Liberty?
Do you know who built it and why?
Can you deny what happened on 9-11, the beam striking the sycamore tree?.
That tree in front of the very church that George Washington dedicated this nation to
Isnt it strange that  the senator quoted the scripture of the sycamore tree the day after 9-11 on national news
That is not fiction, the rest of the book wraps around the story but those things happened 
Though you do have the gift of bible knowledge it seems you disregard those with other gifts
Numerous people from all over the world have warned about Obama
Many have seen him change from some one who merely mocked Christian beliefs.
They have seen him change into a world AC dictator, how the world was fooled, even Christians
Now you think that it doesn't add up
Well, wait my friend.
Like Nicole has warned, it will start with something that appears good, like health coverage and gun control
It will proceed to eliminating opposition on the internet
You really should  watch the video by the White house insider re the litmus test for US military leaders
This should open your eyes
This is happening right now, the trap is set, but most people are totally unaware