Frank Molver (23 Feb 2013)
"Wow, Something about to happen at the Dome of the Rock?"

Just had this idea when I saw Nicole Poon's latest sketch
It also has a link to the video's of the UFO descending on the Dome in Jan of 2011
This sketch shows a compass above the dome
It shows a light flying up from the Dome
This compass reminds me of a map of the world I saw near the Temple area in 1992
It showed a map of the world with Jerusalem being the center of the world
Now, Jesus was crucified and will return there
But it seems that something else is about to happen there
Perhaps very evil.
I am guessing it has to do with Obama and the Pope
That's were the clues are leading us.
21st February, 2013/
I gave thank to God for His wonderful gift to us.I asked Him to continue to give the messages and warnings to the world through vision so that many can be encouraged to get ready.
God showed a light flying object flying upward in a high speed with a compass from the dome of the rock temple in Jerusalem.
I asked my friend," Is this from your own mind?"He firmly said,"No! It is not! When I saw this,I also asked God if it was from Him but this vision have been lasting long and the compass happened shocked me!" This reminded us of some videos we have seen.

I coloured this drawing according to what my friend described,later when I searched the related video,was so shock that I found the light is blue as well.