Chelsea Brown (4 Feb 2013)
"Renee M: The dual 7 year timelines and Fig Tree"


John and Doves:
 I think Renee M has a much stronger case than some realize. Her original post :

First, yes the fig tree is Israel. But Israel is the descendants of Abraham and also some who are grafted into the tree. Ruth , for example. Currently, about 40% of the worldwide Jewish population lives in the USA while about 41% lives in Israel. Nearly the same population. If you count the US Laodicean church population as being some sort of a graft onto the tree, well that number could be anything. Israel is split, just as they were in the Babylonian captivity. Were they not Israel when they were all in Babylon ? And later they split, some returning to the land of Abraham. Renee makes an articulate case as she always does. I also like her pictures.

Secondly, the final seven years have specific, scriptural events that tag the beginning and mid points. The initial seven years start with Daniel's words ' He shall confirm a covenant with many." It does not say a peace treaty, it says "covenant". The word "many" refers to an extremely large number in Hebrew. Clearly, Obama's speech of half an hour on October 29, 2008 "confirming his promises, his covenant, fit the start point. His covenant was with millions.

AND, so does the Oct 9, 2009 selection of Obama as the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. It also fits the description of Daniel 9:27. The World chooses Obama over the true Messiah as "Prince of Peace". The world approves, in this second case, of America's choice a year before and does it on the 7th day of Tabernacles. So two 7 year timelines beginning about a year apart with individual midpoints about a year apart. One timeline for the Gentile solar calender, one for the Jewish lunar calender. There is a" gap" called in" the midst".The beginning of the gap was April 11, 2012 ,the end is March 22,2013.

The mid point of the 7 years is also a specific event, the "abomination of desolation. ".Something vile occurs in the "Holy place". It did not happen on April 11th 2012 (although the two largest slip earthquakes in world history both occured that day). So the next possible mid-point is  March 21-22 exactly. That is counting from Oct 9, 2009. These two timelines fit too perfectly into the Jewish calender and with the coming tetrad eclipses not to be a fit.