Charles (21 Feb 2013)
"Urgent Rapture hiding in caves dragon seeking  man child in tv"


After reading the bible last night and listening to the news I felt led to do something I rarely do anymore watch some tv! I literally heard read no more! Ok I put one of the men's survival reality shows on! It was half over! They named the episode belly of the beast! I just got it this morning after praying apologizing to God I thought I was weak watching it because I have been shown that they are grooming everyone to physically try and survive a spiritual survival is needed! The bible is Gods survival manual the only one that matters!

Well the episode caught my attention! They were lost in caves the belly of the beast! Johnah and the whale men hiding in caves! They had to come out and were cold hypothermic and had to light a fire to warm up! The word of God is a lamp unto my feet they used a fire later get this to make a balloon out of a gold space blanket and float it away with a note a plea for help and rescue as they stayed in a green pasture by still water! The prayers and odors of the saints floated to Heavan and the four and twenty four elders presented then to God! Daniel from the day you humbled yourself your prayers were heard

One the wise virgin stayed up all night and watched for a Shepard to come the sleeping Virgin wanted to stay warm and made a bed in the woods where they could not see! The rescue did not come so they made a big X on the field X marks the spot!

Then off in the distance the good Shepard came holding the Mylar gold blanket with their plea for rescue thee sleeping virgin was awake and yelling Shepard Shepard we are saved. They played out men in caves Johnah and the whale and the whole good Shepard waiting for rapture scenario in the context of a men's survival show.

Where they by the powers that be led to write such an episode and how could they script an impromptu plan so it seemed with the pasture and balloon?

I switched to another show and another famous survival guru was leading a worldly guest by rope up a steep rocky narrow path to a rock cave for their shelter for the night! He had a machete in his pack in back just in case he needed to chop something and thier dinner was a dead pidgeon was not going to fly anywhere! The Worldly man said why would anyone went to live in a Rick in the den of a cave? More prepping?

Lastly I switched to a picker show the guys name was wolf and he was salivating over a collection of auto memorabilia the guys fathet had collected over a lifetime ( his gems?)!He had to have it and bought the whole collection!

The wolf salivating over the man child wanting to snatch it up! How could I not see this last night but I was instructed in the night and it was all shown to me in the morning! How could I tell anyone this without the spirit and word of God instructing them to see I don't thinkn1% of people have read revelations or know of the Johnah story!

And God looked down and made a book of rememberance of those who pondered His words and thought about them day and night to do them and who feaed His name! I will spare them in the day as a man spares His children they will be my gems!

The Lord is my Shepard I shall not want He leads me beside still waters He leads me to green pastures. He restores my soul and upholds me with His right hand!

As I write this I am getting yelled at and chastised to as why I am not rushing out the door into the world I say I am doing something for God ok I am now more again the fool with my wife how could I explain how could without the spirit and word going see understand!

We are being shown by the world they know the rapture is close and they are instructing the world through tv! God is instructing His saints through the spirit and the word!

He showed me last night! Look up abide in His word and spirit your redemption draws near!