Andrew B (11 Feb 2013)
"Reply to Mathman"

     It was good to read another of your letters. And it was uplifting to read of even more possible proofs of the nearness of the return of our Saviour.

     It is staggering to think how far the anti-Christ will, by Satan’s power, mimic and mock the person and work of our beloved Jesus, the Messiah.

     I’ve been a watcher since 1977, and I didn’t regard the year 2000 as a high Rapture year, because it was too similar to the hype surrounding the year 1000. But from 2005 to 2010, the anticipation for the return of Yeshua grew steadily.

     Then 2011, with all its signs and expectations, came and went. And then 2012 came upon us, and that year was so bursting with eager anticipation, that it was off the scale.

     And, of course, that brings us to now! The second month of the year 2013.

     Randy writes, ‘Tick, Tock......Boom!!’

     IF 2011 was the finger over the button, and 2012 was the finger pushing the button, then (as I see it) 2013 is the, as the electricity travels from the button to the bomb. That long, long second, during which, everyone waits for the inevitable boom.

     The Eternal God may slow down the prophetic clock even more, for His purposes, but even after a very long crescendo, the climax inevitably comes.

     Rev. 3:11 and Rev. 22:7,12&20 all have Yeshua saying, “Behold, I come quickly!” KJV. (“soon” in NIV. & NCV.)

     Some of the saints of 5Doves have posted dreams, in which our Lord has come quickly. (Other dreams: soon.)

     As the Beach Boys sang, “we get there fast and then we take it slow”. They were singing about Kokomo, but we’re singing about a far better place; Jesus’ place: Heaven.

     Right now, I’m over the Rat Race! Jesus can come real soon, and He can come quickly! Amen? Amen!!!

     Keep the math coming, Mathman. You’re helping my “letters” brain move a bit to becoming a “numbers” brain.

     From Andrew B.