MathMan (9 Feb 2012)
"January 28th - The Fifth Sequential NWO Warning (and possibly their last)!!"


Dear Doves,


The purpose of this article is to outline the Fifth Sequential NWO Warning (and possibly their last).  However, before I do I would like to first to address some of the skeptics out there.


There are some readers out there that strongly feel that the NWO would NEVER do something as seemingly counter productive as sending out subtle, but direct, warning messages.  They ask, “Why would such a powerful entity waste their time sending out these subtle, but direct, warnings to the world hinting at their upcoming plans?”  This is an EXCELLENT question that I hope to address in the first part of this article.  Not only that, but I strongly believe that the reasons the NWO would do this are actually outlined in the Scriptures!!


OK, Mr. MathMan, explain to us, why EXACTLY would the NWO give us these warnings?


The NWO are an in incredibly evil and egotistical group, that I KNOW we can all agree on.  The NWO believe themselves to be “as gods”.  To be “as gods” is at the very core of the New Ager’s Mantra.  The New Age Movement is a “religion” the NWO itself invented and Oprah and others have helped to mass propagate.


But in reality, this concept can thank Lucifer for its true origin!  To be “as gods” is the angle Satan used to trick Eve into eating of the forbidden fruit.  In a similar way, the NWO, believing themselves to already be “as gods”, are sending out these subtle, but direct, warnings because they TRULY believe that they are untouchable and completely above the law.  Quite simply, the power to do so gives them a sadistic thrill we can’t comprehend!


An example of their lawlessness was recently highlighted.  Obama’s recent no show at a court date in Georgia on his potential ineligibility as President was just ANOTHER example of what the NWO gets away with.  He didn’t even bother sending lawyers, that is how arrogant this man is.


Given the huge egos of the NWO, each of them with huge god complexes, should it REALLY be any surprise that the NWO finds it both fun and thrilling to play god, but in a sadistic way, by sending out these subtle, but direct, clues to a slumbering world.  Indeed, these subtle, but horrifying, messages point directly at the Sudden Destruction the NWO will soon use to snare the world with.  The purpose?  To bring in their long-awaited One World Government, with Obama as the master of the world?


What does the Bible say?


However, rather than rely on my description of the NWO, we should instead look to the Bible for the Lord’s description of this evil organization.  The Lord Himself EXPLICITLY outlines the INCREDIBLE arrogance of this organization.


While there are MANY pertinent verses throughout the Bible on corrupt men, I personally believe that the first half of Psalm 64 describes the NWO perfectly.  Not only that, but I believe that it foretells of this VERY DAY!  A day when the evil doers would enjoy sending out these secret, yet oddly public, messages to each other.


While this Psalm was originally penned by King David while being persecuted by Saul, it remains COMPLETELY applicable to today’s “Saul”, the NWO!  I am positive you will agree after reading the following verses for yourself:


“Hear my voice, O God, in my prayer: preserve my life from fear of the enemy.  Hide me from the secret counsel of the wicked; from the insurrection of the workers of iniquity:  Who whet their tongue like a sword, and bend their bows to shoot their arrows, even bitter words:  That they may shoot in secret at the perfect: suddenly do they shoot at him, and fear not.  They encourage themselves in an evil matter: they commune of laying snares privily; they say, Who shall see them?  They search out iniquities; they accomplish a diligent search: both the inward thought of every one of them, and the heart, is deep.


How amazingly perfect and timely, DESPITE the fact that these verses were written 1000s of years ago!!


Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely


It is often said that power corrupts and that absolute power corrupts absolutely.  The NWO elite already have absolute power.  Therefore, is it any wonder that the NWO elite are absolutely corrupt to their very core?  Indeed, the NWO mindset fits the first half of Psalm 64 as outlined above PERFECTLY!!  They are “shooting out” messages, in secret, outlining what they will soon do to the U.S.A. “and fear not”!!


It has become increasingly obvious that the NWO live their entire lives in a bubble.  This bubble is a protected bubble, a bubble of class and privilege, and it is a bubble the NWO will protect NO MATTER THE COST.  The elite do not know the meaning of having to go without and won’t until the VERY END when Jesus returns!!


The NWO also do not know the meaning of mercy.  The NWO feel that the are completely “entitled to do as they please” – AND THEY DO!!  The NWO also feel that no one on earth can stop them!!  Sadly, FOR NOW, they are correct (the Bible confirms that they will have their way for a time)!!  Now combine this with the NWO mantra that the earth is GREATLY over populated.


Can anyone argue that the combination of arrogance, power, invincibility, absolutely no mercy and the perceived need to eliminate 6 billion people ASAP is an EXTREMELY dangerous combination?  At this point, some readers may be saying, “6 billion people eliminated?  Preposterous!!”


REALLY?  If it’s so preposterous, just check out the tagline from the movie, “2012”.  This movie was produced by an Illuminati-controlled company:


“How would the governments of our planet prepare 6 billion people for the end of the world...? They wouldn't.”


Did you REALLY read what the NWO just said in this tagline?  They would have KNOWN that the population of the world would have been around 7 billion by the year 2012, NOT 6 billion.  It was ALREADY over 6.7 billion when the movie was put into production.


In other words, the NWO want to reduce the population to about 500 million to 1 billion from the current 7 billion plus.  To do this, the NWO will have to get rid of 6 billion people.  The tagline in this movie says it all.  6 billion people do not realize that the NWO desire that they soon meet their end.  And if the days were not shortened, I am positive that the NWO would have succeeded.  Who could stop them?


This would leave 1 billion survivors to cater to the elite’s every need, under threat of guillotine.  Each of them micro-chipped into submissiveness.  This is the NWO’s goal for each of us that are not one of them!!  This is what is in store for those “left behind” after the Rapture!!


Do you TRULY see what Ron and I are trying to get at in our articles?  The tagline of the NWO wasn’t screaming that they want to murder 6 billion people, but, once pointed out, it certainly became EXCEEDINGLY obvious, didn’t it?  Again, SUBTLE AND DIRECT – the NWO’s way of operating!!


Yes, this will continue to be the way they operate until the restrainer is removed.  I believe that this is a combination of the True Church being Raptured and the U.S.A. removed by the Sudden Destruction.  This will result in a HUGE decrease of the Holy Spirit residing in those left behind.  Yes, the restrainer will soon be removed by a combination of the Lord (as prophesied) and the NWO (as also prophesied).


Yes, the NWO are so sure that they are “as gods” and already can’t be stopped, that they are putting out MANY subtle messages at an EVER increasing rate.  Though still subtle, they are also becoming BOLDER.  Indeed, you would have to be blind to not notice the blatant Satanic ritual Madonna performed at half-time during the Super Bowl.


Again, the NWO did this in order to secretly taunt the world’s occupants that the time of the “Old” World Order is almost out.  While Ron and I have caught SOME of the NWO’s subtle, but direct, messages, thanks to the Lord’s assistance, I am positive that there are MANY messages that will remain their dirty little secrets until the Lord addresses it with them.


Again, the them is SUBTLENESS.  Subtle means you have to seriously WATCH to see what these evil doers are up to.  The NWO are so diabolically clever and subtle, you need to pray for the Holy Spirit to provide you with the necessary discernment required.  It is the ONLY way we have been led to see what these evil doers are already up to in the shadows.


The Good News:  What does God EVENTUALLY have in story for the NWO?


Will God allow the NWO to rule the entire globe forever?  NOPE!!  According, to Scripture (and Revelation in particular), while God will ABSOLUTELY allow this to happen in the short term, thankfully, He will only this to happen for a short period.  A period of time just long enough for the world to make a decision for Him or Satan.   THEN and only then, will His Son make His return to this fallen world and finally make everything right again.


Yes, thank the Lord ALWAYS!!  There, in black and white, the second half of Psalm 64 clearly outlines what will soon happen to these merciless heathen in but a few short years (September 23, 2015 to be precise):


“But God shall shoot at them with an arrow; suddenly shall they be wounded.  So they shall make their own tongue to fall upon themselves: all that see them shall flee away.  And all men shall fear, and shall declare the work of God; for they shall wisely consider of his doing.  The righteous shall be glad in the LORD, and shall trust in him; and all the upright in heart shall glory.”


Yes, the Bible says that the NWO will continue to “commune privily” so that none “shall see them”, prospering, right until the very end.  Thus, the NWO shall deceive MANY, even the elect, with their clever ways.


What the NWO doesn’t realize (and won’t until it is too late) is that every move they make, every secret they share in private, EVERYTHING they do, is being recorded in minute detail by Our God.  Everything will be recorded for their future downfall and judgment.  Indeed, the NWO ignored His omniscient presence even as they made their FIFTH (and PERHAPS final) NWO Warning, which I now outline below:


January 28th - The Fifth Sequential NWO Warning (and possibly their last)!!


As previously documented, the NWO are providing those who watch with subtle, but direct, warnings.  They have done so in four previous “3 week inclusive” warnings that we have taken great care in documenting.


These previous four NWO warnings occurred on each of 11/9, 11/29, 12/19 and 1/8.  The 11/9 of 2011 warning, in turn, followed the one-year warning made by the NWO with the infamous 11/8-9/2010 ballistic missile scare off of the California coast.  In this incident, a missile was shot to the sky from the sea during a spectacular California sunset, making the contrail EXCEEDINGLY noticeable and frightening to witnesses.


In a separate article (to be posted tomorrow), I ALSO believe they put out an additional warning on 1/17, pointing towards Pakistan’s surprise entrance into the mix (which was just recently verified by Jay two days ago).  Please read tomorrow’s post for further details on this.


So then, on to the topic of this article!  Did we see a FIFTH NWO Warning on the next date in this PERFECT “3 week inclusive” sequences?  January 28th to be even more specific?


YES!!!  True to their past pattern, the NWO indeed gave their fifth (and possibly their last) “3 week inclusive” warning on 1/28!!  AND this occurred on the EXACT date we suspected it would.  Not only that, but the NWO gave us, not just one warning on this date, but TWO warnings!!  Not only that, but each of these warnings were MUCH bolder, yet still subtle, than what we have seen from the NWO in the past.


Yes, indeed, both of these warnings occurred on the very same day - January 28th!!  The very same day we were originally watching for the REAL THING to occur!!


It was actually thanks to this resulting intense watching on that day that we stumbled upon the following two NWO warnings on January 28th:


1)                WARNING 1 - The Alfalfa Club:  The Alfalfa Club met on January 28th in Washington.  This is a closed (no press allowed) affair with no one but high level members of the Illuminati invited.  It was confirmed, in notes on this meeting, that Kissinger, Rockefeller, Bush, Buffet, etc., each NWO Heavy Hitters at the highest levels of this organization, were all in attendance that night.  President Obama was the keynote speaker on this Saturday night, which took place at the posh Washington Hilton.  Shortly after Obama left the party at 9:30pm EST, The NWO broke precedent and released a portion of Obama’s keynote speech that he had made at this affair.  SUCH A RELEASE TO THE PUBLIC IS COMPLETELY UNPRECEDENTED!!  Indeed, such release of a speech from the Alfalfa Club has never happened before in its 99 year history!!  January 28th proved to be the exception to the rule. SUBTLE YET DIRECT!!


In one portion of this released speech, Obama announced that one of his main goals for 2012 was to “get out of Washington and spend more time with “ordinary” folks like the ones were at the Alfalfa Club”.  This was, once again, another direct, but subtle, hint to the slumbering world that there will soon be a need for the elite men and women of the Alfalfa Club to have to hide temporarily in safety.  To put it another way, President Obama was subtly, but directly, indicating that it would soon be time for him and the elites to “escape to safety” from the Sudden Destruction they have planned for the U.S. in order to bring in One World Government.


Based on the released comments, those plans appear to involve a NWO false flag attack on Washington DC.  After all, it will be a NEW World Order, will it not?  The NWO will surely NOT want to use old structure that represents the Old World Order!  As such, the NWO would probably prefer to simply eliminate the old.  Out with old, in with the new.


By the way, the 2012 meeting of the Alfalfa Club ALSO “just happens” to be the Alfalfa Club’s 99th anniversary!!  99 is an EXTREMELY significant Occultic number!!  99 equals 9 x 11, where in 9 & 11 alludes to a NEW 9/11 that the NWO will soon usher in.  In addition, 99 also equals 3 x 33, wherein 3’s are EXTREMELY important to the NWO.  Indeed, 33 is the highest level one can attain in the Free Masons – a satanic organization that the elite love to participate in.


SIDE NOTE:  The Alfalfa Club was formed for one purpose and one purpose only.  This Satanic Elitist Club ONLY meets on the last Saturday of every January to have a drink together and plan our demise.  THAT IS THE ALFALFA CLUB’S ONLY PURPOSE!!   This is the ONLY reason this club exists!! TO HOLD THIS ANNUAL EVENT!!  No other reason.  So why is it called the Alfalfa Club, you may ask?  It is called the Alfalfa Club because Alfalfa plants are notorious for requiring a lot of water.  In other words, the Alfalfa plant “never needs an excuse for a drink”.  Neither do the elite attendees from the NWO that attend this annual event.  This is the slogan that underlies these annual meetings.  Yes, indeed, the Alfalfa Club is a clever name.  Clever - just like the NWO!  Just take a second and imagine the private conservation at this meeting:  “Mr. Kissinger, would you care for some mass death and mayhem with that Martini?”  His response:  “Absolutely!  And if you could add some lightly-chilled world-wide martial law and population control shortly thereafter, that would be well appreciated!”


2)                WARNING 2 - The World Economic Forum:  Amazingly, this was not the only warning that the world received on January 28th of the soon-to-be-instituted New World Order!  On this very night, the “lesser lights” of the elite, but still really influential in their own right, also met on this very same day of January 28th.  These 2500 “second-tier” elite were all gathered in Davos, Switzerland at the very same time as the “first-tier” elite were meeting at the Alfalfa Club meeting described above.


However, instead of Washington DC, these people were enjoying the scenery of the world famous Alps.  Safe and snug in the mountains, they were helping implement the “first-tier” elite’s world plans.  Some performed this task knowingly, others unknowingly, many completely oblivious and others “in the loop”.


Need further proof that this was another warning from the NWO?  Check out the OFFICIAL theme of this Forum!!




That’s right – THE GREAT TRANSFORMATION!!  Fellow Doves, could the purpose of this complimentary meeting be any more obvious to us watchers??  The definition of transformation is “to change in an instant”.  The NWO are (and not subtly this time) outright telling us that they will soon be bringing in a great and instant change to an unsuspecting and sleeping world.  Is this not the very definition of GREAT TRANSFORMATION that this meeting was officially themed as?


The above January 28th Fifth NWO Warning is the perfect tie in for some upcoming communication to soon be forwarded to Five Doves by Ron Reese and me.  In the next few days, we will be outlining why some upcoming dates should be included on your radar as “very high watch dates”.  They will not just be NWO dates, but they will also dovetail PERFECTLY into Biblical dates!!


As per usual, in these upcoming communications, it is up to each of you to use your discernment and scrub what we write with the soap of Holy Scriptures to see if what we have written meets up with Biblical standards.  That is all anyone can ask for.  God wants EACH of you to do as the Bereans did – ALWAYS checking against Scripture (and when the Lord says, “always”, He means always)!!




As always, to God be ALL the glory!!!  He is at the door!!  Maranatha!!


YbiC, MathMan