Mary Z (29 Feb 2012)
"To Lisa Taylor and John B:  Opened seals?"

To Lisa Taylor and John B:  Opened seals?
I agree with both of you on some areas.
I see the book of Revelation as being an overview of all of man’s tribulation on this earth with the climax to man’s tribulation being the “great” tribulation of the last 42 months before Jesus returns.
Therefore,  I believe the first four seals were opened very early on in man’s history, and that  their actions are still ongoing.  The opening of the 7th  (with an interval of 2,000 yrs plus up to now) and 5th seals then followed,  with the  6th being the only one that is yet to be opened.
Here’s the sequence on the seals’ openings as  I see it:
1st seal.  The rider of the white horse is Satan released in the garden of Eden.  A conqueror bent on conquest, with his first victims being Adam and Eve.
2d seal.  The rider of the fiery red horse.  Symbolic of war.   Peace taken away from the earth as men begin to slay each other in greater and greater numbers. It started with Cain killing Abel.
3rd seal.  The rider of the black horse.  Symbolic of famine and inflation.  Famine is first recorded in the bible in Gen 12:10.
4th seal.  The rider of a pale horse.  Symbolic of death. Given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.  This to cover the entire history of mankind.
7th seal.  Opened when Christ was born.  Rev 8:1 The 30 min silence in heaven representing the 30 yrs when dwelt among us in Christ and our Lord had not started preaching yet.
Rev 8:5  The fire the angel cast on the earth represents the cleansing of all men from sin by our Lord on the Cross.
Since then, there has been an interval of more than 2000 years with the sound of the first trumpet,  and the events that it symbolizes,  yet to be fulfilled.
5th seal.  Opened right after the Cross of Christ.  White robes (symbolizing cleansing from past sins) given to all saints who died prior to the Cross.  This seal is now closed.
The 6th seal will be opened with the great earthquake described happening simultaneously with the resurrection of those saints who would have died in Christ (which would include the 2 witnesses), followed by  the ingathering of those saints that are alive then.  Blessings to all!  
Mary Z.