Grateful (3 Feb 2012)
"Feast of Purim in Perpetuity"

Dear Brother,
Thank you for the great site.  This is my first post.  I am friends with Reese/mathman/gerry almond.  Here goes...



Greetings, and my first post for fivedoves.  It proposes March 7/8 or the Feast of Purim in Esther chapter 9 as a  WATCH DATE, and a continuation of the January 28 reasoning.


The seven feasts of the LORD as codified in Leviticus 23 are clearly God's appointed feasts for both the nation of Israel and the revelation of its King, Jesus Christ.  That Jesus fulfilled these spring feasts to the very day and within the very allusionary framework (blood of the lamb, etc.) is all too clear.  That additional day counts (a.k.a. Pentecost = 50 days, etc) are by God's design and command is also without argument.  It stands to reason that the promised 2nd coming of Jesus will be fulfilled within the time frame of the fall feasts.  Many see a clear correlation between the feast of blowing trumpets and the rapture of the bride.  This would be my first guess and is the subject of my three part sermon entitled, “The real date of the Rapture and Return”.  Available free online at


However, . . .


That such evidence is before us in the Scripture and is so often foreboded or connected with astronomical signs affecting the very creation with quakes, weather, etc should be a flashing neon billboard to us that God knows the day of the rapture, and that we should be “looking for his appearing”.  The great collaboration of watchers on the internet goes hand in hand with the great configuration of last time events happening right before our eyes.  Our correlation of feasts, day counts,  astro observances, geo political events, natural catastrophe, N.W.O. Luciferian personalities, and other prophetic sensibilities crescendo in such a way as to make us swallow hard with the awesome and fearful realization that surely “He is at the door.”


What about now?


For most of us, this is a welcome arrival.  We “love His appearing”, and pray “Come, Quickly, Lord Jesus.”  Our necessary speculations and prognostications then, are easily understandable . . .even if a perceived date to watch is wrong!  Love covers a multitude of error.  Like star crossed lovers, we ache when each date goes by without a meeting in the sky.  But, beloved, that is what worship, and church, and the brethren are for.  The “assembling of ourselves together” is practice for the great rapture day, and is a temporary remedy from God for our disappointment of yet unfulfilled promises.  Our anticipation builds, and how worth while is the building of such desire!  Each date is connected to the previous one and too  the ultimate one, keeping us ready, adorning us in white, keeping us awake!  What can be more exhilarating than watching for HIM!?


Connected to Trumpets...hmmm.


Rosh Hashanna 2011 looked so promising!  Ron Reese's reference to Haggai's Cheshvan 24/Dec. 20/Hanukah (by the way, that is yet another Biblical feast) connection continued to keep my eyes wide with hope.  The Jan. 28th search seemed sensible to me, and with Gerry Almond's day counts from Rosh Hashanna 2011, I was wowed and intrigued.  Add to that, Mathman's keen insights regarding the 28th/The Alfalfa club/Davos Elite along with the seriousness of the the days following, what more can be said?  The LORD is progressively revealing “that day” to us through insight into the scriptures, and watchfulness through a multitude of counselors.  There is more evidence than ever pointing to the soon coming rapture of the bride along with the sudden destruction of tribulation.  There is no time to be cynical or aloof or discouraged.  We must continue to watch with even greater intensity.


Feast of Purim..March 7/8.


And Now we turn to YET ANOTHER FEAST.  The feast of PURIM.  It is 40 days from Jan. 28th, and therefore still, in connection with Rosh Hashanna 2011.  This feast was progressively revealed and separate from the Leviticus feasts, but SCRIPTURAL nonetheless.  You all know the story from the book of Esther.  Mordecai, the Jew, and Esther's uncle.  Haman, the Agagite, counselor to the Persian King.  A wide rule of 127 nations from India to Ethiopia.  The Gallows built.  Lots (PURIM) cast to determine the date for the final solution of the Jews.  Adar 13th.  The trap was set.  Sudden destruction and Tribulation was inevitable.  Esther confronts Haman, and appeals to the King.  “For such a time as this.”  The Rapture allusions are very evident and manifold.  The parallels with today's political realities are mind boggling, in fact, impossible just months ago.  With the scepter in Esther's hand and the Kings signet on Mordecai's finger, an impregnated decree is made on Sivan 23 (also the date of John the Baptists conception – look it up:).  Adar 13, the day of destruction is reversed to become a day of deliverance, and Adar 14/15 becomes  a day of celebration in perpetuity (that means observed until this very day!).  It is not just a footnote in history anymore than Passover, Pentecost or Trumpets are just history, but they are all profound PROPHECY!


What other prophecy can the feast of PURIM be but of a miraculous day of deliverance for the bride of the king?


Another watch date is before us...MARCH 7/8.  There are now Scriptures to rightly divide, Numbers to crunch, and stars to watch.  Israel and Netanyahu know these dates and these scriptures well.  Get to it Doves!  Let us collaborate and  watch together!


Daniel 6:3,

Serving Christ with an Excellent Spirit,


Kudos to Rreese, Galmond, and mathman.  Blessings to you all.