Doug Corley (13 Feb 2012)
"Marking Time"

Marking Time   
Some have theorized there should be some way to connect Twin Towers 9-11-2001 to these end times.
I believe that by God's grace alone, he has shown me a few things which I feel released to share, with John Tng's permission. 
It is a known fact that the number 777 'speaks' of CHRIST.  When we add 777 days to 9-11-2001, we arrive at the date Oct 28, 2003.  It was on this date (always 2 days Gregorian) Oct 28-29 2003 when a brother in Christ and I had same day spiritual manifestations.  His was an expanding disappearing star and mine was a spirit of weeping caused by a dark thick cloud descending over my head and shoulders.  I could do nothing except weep until this anointing lifted.  God dwells in a dark thick cloud and manifests himself at times as such.  Anyhow, this dark cloud descended over me and all I could do was weep. 
This was a full five years before 10-29-2008.  Knowing this to be "of God" but not understanding, five of us email friends discussed this at length for a number of years after Oct 28-29 2003.  It was not until 5 years later on Oct 29, 2008 when BHO gave his infomercial that this began to make any sense.  
I don't wish to debate (not will I) whether BHO is the A/C or will become the A/C at a later date.  Only thing I know is the date of Oct 28-29 2003 VS Oct 28-29 2008.  It seems a good fit and my experience did happen in spite of opinions to the contrary.  There are three living "doves" who can verify these lengthy emails and the date of 10-28-2003 - but I digress.
I am fully cognizant that most people will not accept the Great Pyramid Dates as valid.  For whatever reason, as they are entitled to, they choose to believe Christ was born before 2BC Julian / 1BC Gregorian.  I am most assuredly in the minority believing these dates are written in stone.  If we go to a secular source, the Ancient Olympiads, it can be determined Jesus was born Sept 29 2BC Julian / Sept 27 1BC Gregorian.  You don't agree, that is okay, we should be able to disagree agreeably.  We all have and are entitled to our opinion, but realize they are only opinions.  
Based on the Pyramid Dates, Jesus lived a total of 12240 exclusive days, 12241 inclusive days.  But most importantly, he ministered from his Baptism on 10-14-29AD to Crucifixion on 4-3-33AD for a total of 1267 days.  1267 days equals 181 weeks (remember UN Resolution 181 - Palestine Mandate).  This is one week of 7 days past the mid-point of seven prophetic years.  It can be and was shown by Bonnie Gaunt that 1267 days converts to 3.52 prophetic years with 35.2 being a marker (longitude or latitude) to Jesus' birthplace just south of Bethlehem.  I find that most interesting.  
If we use prophetic years and realize that Jesus was cut-off in the midst (not the exact middle) of a heptad, there remains only 1253 days in that heptad. (2520 minus 1267 = 1253).  
Hebrew reads right to left and the number 1253 becomes 3521.  3521 is the Gematria of "Abomination of Desolation" and "Of the synagogue of satan".  By adding 1253 inclusive days to 10-29-2008 (BHO infomercial) we arrive at the soon-to-be date of April 3 2012.  This will be Nisan 10-11, the date I believe the Abomination of Desolation will be set in place polluting the sanctuary of strength.  Moreover, April 3 2012 will be the Gregorian anniversary of our Lord's crucifixion, per Pyramid measurements.
Dan 11:31 And arms shall stand on his part, and they shall pollute the sanctuary of strength, and shall take away the daily [sacrifice], and they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate.
The daily (sacrifice is not in the original text) taken way and the abomination will be simultaneous.  But what is this "daily"?  Remember that we have first the natural and after-wards the spiritual.  The natural already happened and it is now time for the spiritual to be taken away.  The church is the spiritual Body of Christ. 
Rom 12:1  I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.
I believe the church is the oblation referenced in Daniel 11:31.  Since I believe the setting up of the AOD and the removal of this sacrifice (our mortal bodies) is simultaneous, it follows that I believe "change" for some comes on 4-3-2012, Gregorian anniversary of the Crucifixion.  
A remnant in Judaea (Judah) is instructed to flee when they see the AOD stand (set up) where it shouldn't be.  This would entail this remnant fleeing on 4-3-2012.  This is Nisan 10-11 when they (Israel) first crossed the Jordan River entering the promised land - an exact number of solar years.  This remnant is protected in the mountains/wilderness of Moab for 1260 days taking us to Eve of Feast of Trumpets Sept 13/14 2015, accompanied by a solar eclipse.  This eclipse is not visible from Israel but from the southern hemisphere.  Solar eclipses are bad omens for The Nations, whereas blood-moons are bad omens for Israel.  Bad News for the nations on FOT 2015.  
Hydra (the beast from the sea) will be decapitated between July and October 2015, astronomically per Genesis 49:10 - Jacob's prophecy over Judah.  No year other than 2015 fits for this (astronomical) destruction of the sea beast Hydra.
Anything less than the whole truth is a half-truth and about as bad as an outright lie.  As stated above, I believe God gave me the date of 10-29 five years in advance.  This pointed me to 10-29-2008.  However, there was another 'revelation' thirty days prior to 10-29-2003 on 9-29-2003.  Here, please recall that per Pyramid measurements, 9-29 was Jesus' birth-date. (The DJIA drop of 777.68 was on 9-29-2008 - Jesus' Gregorian Birth-Date)  
On 9-29-2003 (Michaelmas) I overheard something in the Spirit which has held my attention for more than eight long years.  There was one letter which it took me at least 6 years to discern.  Very briefly that statement was:
"You have nine t-days to close on your house".
This may well have been the LORD speaking to my LordI can't say about that for sure but it does brings one date, and only one date, into sharp focus.
First, what in God's creation is a "t-day"?  After about 6 years, beginning 9-29-2003, I discovered that "T" represents "Tav" (the last Hebrew letter) which represents the "cross".  Hence, the statement above can be interpreted as:
"You have nine cross-days to close on your house". 
Since I believe "cross day" was 4-3-33AD, it follows that the ninth "cross day" after 9-29-2003 will be 4-3-2012, Nisan 10-11.  This is the day the Paschal LAMB is selected as well as the date Israel crossed the Jordan INTO the promised land.  It does seem to fit.  Moreover, Venus (Jesus) will be in The Pleiades representing the Congregation of the Righteous (imputed of course) in the shoulder of Taurus.  Jupiter will be in Aries the Lamb/Ram if memory serves me correctly.
This date has been my area of focus for close to two years.  I expand this to a very narrow window between April 1 and April 3, 2012.  The calendars back in Jesus' earthly days were out of sync by two days.  Hence the window.  
I have shown previously in posts that the number 913 (Gen 1:1) may have relevance to "in the beginning" pointing us to "the end" on 9-13-2015 Eve Feast of Trumpets.  913 is also the Gematria of " The LORD hath made known his salvation" Psalms 98:2.
IF "the end" is on 9-13/14-2015, that would be day 1260 but it can be extended out to day-count 1335.  This puts the date as Nov 27/28 2015, the day before 11-29-2015.  Note the 11-29.  It was on 11-29-1947 when the Palestine Mandate UN Resolution 181 was passed authorizing Israel to rebuild.
Some may doubt the validity of using Hebrew or Greek word numbers to verify anything.  Past experience (dreams referencing known facts) has shown me that God is fully aware of these word numbers. 
Ironically or otherwise, the meaning of Hebrew word number 1129 follows: 
H1129    banah {baw-naw'} a primitive root;  255; v AV
build 340, build up 14, builder 10, made 3,
built again + 08735 2, repair 2, set up 2, have children + 08735 1, obtain children + 08735 1, surely 1 (inf. for emphasis); 376
1) to build, rebuild, establish, cause to continue
   1a) (Qal)
   1a1) to build, rebuild
   1a2) to build a house (ie, establish a family)
   1b) (Niphal)
   1b1) to be built
   1b2) to be rebuilt
   1b3) established (of restored exiles) (fig.)
   1b4) established (made permanent)
   1b5) to be built up (of childless wife becoming the mother of a family through the children of a concubine)                    
H-1129 basically means  to build, rebuild, establish, cause to continue 
Is this not what was authorized by UN Resolution 181, Palestine Mandate, passed on 11-29-1947, 68 years to the day before 11-29-2015?  Israel was authorized to REBUILD.   
I cannot tell you for sure exactly what happens on April 1-3 2012 or how it will manifest itself.  However, this narrow window is firmly set in my thinking.  One thing for sure, it is ONLY a little more than 7 weeks.
This much I know, every date "set" for the past 30 years or more has gone by the wayside.  I am as much "all in" for the date of April 1-3 2012 as anyone can rationally be.
It surely seems reasonable that "war" is in the near future.  Iran is about to go Nuclear by the first week in April.  Only God himself knows how this unfolds in its fullness but the first week of April should be very eventful.  Don't get caught in the trap of believing that 4-11-2012 is all that significant.  This thing is shortened for the elect's sake.