Arlene (29 Feb 2012)
"Thanks for the warnings, Jay...."

For Jay....I thought you might add this link to your present collection.  Others really need to know:

That was in the "American Thinker", and I just read it 15 minutes ago.  Usually I would go past this and file it in my "things to keep in mind", but this morning when I awoke, I turned on my radio and heard a man speak of requirements for employment in these "camps".  There are no foreign language requirements, so they can't be for illegal immigrants.  And they can't be for temporary housing because they are planning on long-term imprisonment (for whom?......Americans?.....Christians?....people who won't accept the NWO?).  ! ; And also, military, penal, or other law enforcement background is generally  required.  Do I want to "escape" all these things????  You betcha!!!  I'm looking for the "Door".  I think it's going to get pretty ugly not long from now...thanks for the heads up!!!