Fay (8 Dec 2019)
"But God"

Hi John and Doves,

As I was watching smatterings of the political chaos today, I was really struck by something very profound and comforting. Nancy Pelosi has just made her pubic speech on the impeachment proceedings. She didn't say much. Did not give a timeline. She just said they are "moving forward". It's all SO dreary and same old. I did see more than a hint of desperation in her expression though.

What struck me was how desperately determined the Dems are to topple Pres. Trump. Not just because they are demented to get back their power and plough on with their socialist, globalist agenda. No. They are utterly convinced that Pres. Trump has been up to dirty dealings simply because he won the presidency. They genuinely believed they had it all sown up. By a long mile - they were comfortable in the knowledge that Hilary Clinton was going to win. We all saw the growing shock and horror of the news readers as they announced the results of the last election. It was very revealing. They are convinced that Pres, Trump played dirty tricks on them. They have just got to find out what? It's actually rather funny. Almighty God is always in control of every single thing. This is more and more obvious as we soldier through these end times.

Ditto the Brexit debacle. It's pointless developing an ulcer over the nightmare. Almighty God has it all covered. Even if the results are not what we are hoping for - we can rest assured that Almighty God has His plan. As He has told us - our battle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers and leaders and dark spiritual powers in high places. As our political leaders - the world over - seem to be going quite, quite mad, we can clearly see God's finger prints emerging. Our political class are seriously on the verge of becoming a laughing stock.  Honestly, they are ! I saw a photo of the NATO participants in London the other day. All of them looking pompous and serious. And I burst out laughing. They look so ridiculous.

Almighty God is in control. Praise His Holy Name.