Donna Danna (29 Dec 2019)

This is in reply to your 12/22 post called Dr. Oz promotes the Mark of the Beast at and your following comments:

I’d never considered that it’s “possible” that those (millions & billions) who flock to this to take the chip (or mark, whatever it may be) – may be induced…. Or rather FORCED to worship the AntiChrist simply b/c they will now be computerized….. & with a simple flip of the switch they will be made to worship the antiChrist!!  No choice!  Be “assimilated” as Star Trek used to teach… FORCED TO!!  Will literally be consciousness zombies, no longer able to think for themselves. Changed DNA, no longer fully human… So in other words, will a person KNOW he’s going to be worshipping the Anti as he stands in line (or bank teller’s drive thru’ or WalGreen’s pharmacy drive thru’ or church gym waiting his turn to get “the mark”?)  Or will he willingly take it (even though an angel from heaven will be going through the sky telling people NOT TO)  and THEN worship the AC…. I’ll study the Word for correct answers.

Revelation 13:15 tells us "that as many as would not worship the image of the beast will be killed" which would indicate that NO ONE IS FORCED TO WORSHIP THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST.  However, if a person chooses to worship the beast and his image, they will take the mark of the beast in the forehead or the right hand which will enable them to buy and sell in spite of being warned by the angel not to worship the beast and image and not to receive beast's mark in their forehead or in their hand according to Revelation 13:9-11.  So it sounds like worship of the beast comes before receiving the mark of the beast.